Tuesday, August 26

Blast of Chartreuse......

Attempting to alleviate the perpetual onslaught of black and whiteness, brandished a shocking chartreuse to keep this ensemble from flat lining. Smitten with this gauzy striped blouse. Rolled sleeve with buttoned down epaulet action.

Tres fetching tiered satin skirt by Leifsdottir, pre-reccession. Covet it.  Little gem bow tie made of duck tape by Stells Mahr. Perfect compliment. She made me these great earrings that unfortunately were in my closet where the floor of helter skelter shoe boxes made it very much like the negotiating "Hurt Locker".

Brace of bracelets I discovered at the bottom of my prolific elastic pearl collection that are kept in a red satin box that looks like a Chinese to-go container. The wrist full are all pre-Mariposa and except for a Thomas Mann, post gainful Mariposa employment, all come from Target, TJ Max, et all. Dig it! The top one looks like something with which you'd tether up Hercules. Wheeeeee!

                                                      Forget the feet. Shoes are snoozers.

             Talk about a snoozer. Have you ever spent time with her? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ