Wednesday, August 6

Sleeves from hell............

Okay, so I meet my friend for coffee at a westside Starbucks. I have 15 minutes to spare before I have to start in for work. What does one do? Go shopping! We hit Ross and I saw this lacy, tunic thingy. Pretty high-end for Ross, $22.00! Did I try it on? I think not. Well, in my fireman dressing mode on Monday I pick this number. Enter the most bizarre and gainly cuffs ever! I felt like I was wearing the puffy shirt from Seinfeld.
But monumentally worse!

I drive stick and practically killed myself shifting gears in these sleeves. Fashion fatality! Dig it!

And here I thought I was creating a feminine casual look. Casual??? In this thing?

Bejeweled in a cascading faux pearl necklace from Wear It, (one of the 12 incantations).

So remember, drive safely and watch your sleeves..........