Saturday, August 30

Curious Skirt Friday.............

In my infinitesimal array of clothing, I have these three voile skirts that are Parisian-esque, they're so exotically clever. The main portion of this skirt reminds of a coffin lining. Dig it! Hem is uncommonly like swirling orange slices, well, some of them are kind of black, but who cares right? The concept is enervating.

Such a lovely empire waisted tunic. Black lace with gray jersey underskirt. Demure velvet bow at 
bodice's v-neck.

Trillion necklaces, most by Laurette O'Neil but a couple of hippie leather ones snuck in. Wheeeee!

Entire swirling rotten orange ensemble. It's a given that "rotten orange slices are the new rotten orange slices".

If anyone would attempt getting away with donning rotten oranges slices it'd be this freak.