Wednesday, August 31

Scullery Maid at Gosford Park..........

Kitchen duties can be grueling, particularly when you're taking flack from the
upper floor.

It's back-breaking work, cleaning, hand wash, cooking, dear God!

I got this linen cotton blend dress at Willow, it's plain and utilitarian.

I wasn't always a downstairs maid but the family has fallen on hard times. I've managed to hang on to the family's heirloom jewelry SO FAR.

These shoes are good for mopping, beheading chickens and cleaning silver ware, WHEEEEEEEE!

Monday, August 29


Pym always wears hats as a protection against the sun unlike SOMEONE we know.
Now that she's at the gallery she removes her bonnet and sets to work cleaning the glass on the cases.

What a fantastic frock she chooses today, plaid is HUGE this season and a little bow and tulle make it tres feminine.

Post work she changes into her sexy clothes and heads off to the disco where she has a wonderful time!

Sunday, August 28

Floral Explosion Sunday.............

Sheer deep v-neck dress in two florals. Comfy AND cool.

This cascading beaded necklace is such a fantastic art piece in itself.

Yet another floral in this t-strap wedge with peep-toe. I feel like a master gardener created my outfit!

Saturday, August 27

How Are YOUR Investments Doing??????????

Dreamy embroidered vest from Bodhi Bazaar in Santa Fe, the only thing I could afford and it was on sale.
Stacked Navajo pearls and real pearls. Kristin Deiner pin.

Skinny jeans and yellow patent plats by Type Z. You know what we say around here, "Stocks are fleeting, art is forever."

Friday, August 26

What to Wear to Georgie's Reception............

Georgie, our manager, is having an opening, actually a closing, of this juried show entitled " Talisman".
This is the detailed neckline of a sheath dress is partner Leroy gave me for my birthday.
This peach sheath is a little on the spartan side, but the fabric and cut are gorgeous.

Chose these little plats to round out this ensemble, the anti-patella fighters!See you at the party!

Thursday, August 25

Tall Iced Java With 18 Splendas

Borrowing this divine choker with matching earrings by Deedra Jarrel out of brass and silver. So coool!
Bitchin' little tee shirt fabric dress over oatmeal cotton Henley.

How do you cure an injured patella? Platforms baby! They absorb the shock of walking , believe me, I've put it to the test. Now it's off to Starbucks for two tall Americanas and a heart attack!

Wednesday, August 24

J. Peterman Says "Meet Me in Kashmir, My Dear"...........

India is all about brilliant color so I picked this fuchsia  
 number to set the mood to hit the market stands.

This J. Peterman soft cotton dress has miniature crocheted detail and lots of ruffles.
Indian inspired floor design accents my faux snakeskin fuchsia plats. Who's up for curry, nan and samosa? 

Monday, August 22

South of the Border Monday

This fierce Kristin Deiner brandishes an eyeglass with tiny pearls and a woman's image
as well as rhinestone stars and a handmade chain. Major!

This little south-of-the border-esque frock is polished cotton and makes me want a margarita REALLY bad!

So that I don't go falling AGAIN post-margaritaville I'm wearing these yellow linen wedges with red leather trim. Those salty rims cause such water retention,oh the hell with it,but the lime in my eye,now that smarts! Ole!

Sunday, August 21

Denim Dominance........

This is a necklace I had Karan Sipe make for me that can wrap three times. Adore it!
Though not religious, I LOVE all the iconography.

Denim dress, Marc Jacobs mattress ticking belt, and these SUPER ruched pants that I got in the juniors department of Macy's for $5.99!I mean ruched from waist to bottom, if they were not ruched they'd be about 20 feet long!

These are kitten heeled Irregular Choice blue leather shoes with embroidered angels and roses on them.
I'll try not to fall down today, I'll make it my mission!

Saturday, August 20

The Most Marvelous Blouse I Own.........

This blouse is by Philip Lim and not only is it the most gorgeous blouse I own, it also the most EXPENSIVE! It bares significant size CZ's on pleats and adhered by the CZ's. See through sleeves, an exposed zipper and pleated collar. I worship it.Marcia Sedneck pin.

These are pin striped capri trousers with a cuff. Such a odd design.

These platform rainbow wedges will keep me upright today. I'm a klutz in flats!!!!

Friday, August 19

Navy and Cream, What a Dream...........

I'm wearing a Darren Smith painting on my face and the most scrumptious silk frock in navy and cream with various prints.

We used to carry this very talented jeweler named M.B. Ramos, this is the only piece I own
and I covet it.

Anthropologie brocade flats, I'm so awkward in them I fell down! I'm a platform girl all the way!

Thursday, August 18

My Gypsy Caravan Threw a Wheel............

This silk peasant blouse I've worn before (curse the day) with several hearts I've collected, one from Jen.

This multi-colored geometric draw string waisted skirt is by Marc Jacobs. Very peasanty, don't you think?

Red suede studded sandals, good for changing a wooden wheel, then on to fortune telling!

Wednesday, August 17

Diener and a Bobbie Brooks Skirt.... Fabulosopolooza

Starting out an outfit with a Kristin Deiner is always a sure bet. Also is wearing a Marcia Sednek pin.

Sweet little Anthropologie jacket with detail on the back.

See what I mean?

Bobbie Brooks vintage skirt, a gift from Jen, ribbed navy anklets and Carlos Santana faux croc kitten heels, so comfy. I have them in 3 colors. OF COURSE!!!!!!

Sunday, August 14

My Blouse is Shoes and Perfume Bottles! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Fabuloso gift from my friend Millie, flounce top with button front of satin, a plethora of shoes and perfume bottles.Synched tie waist. Now how did she know I'd like this? 

Pearls with semi-precious stones in between by Mary Williams, I've had it for a decade.

Eli Tahari sheer skirt and dark green patent J Lo platforms.
Just a typical day in the neighborhood.

Saturday, August 13

I Need Help......

What I mean is I need a movie and it's going to be "The Help" tonight.  Valery Milovic wooden star for my face.

Two Susan Skinner necklaces, VERY Victorian. Tee shirt with voile neck and cotton body, crisscross stripes.

Black and white oval print knit pencil skirt by Diane Von Furstenberg.
Black and gold open-toed wedges by Type Z.  I can't wait for my 64 ounce vessel of Diet Coke and some popcorn!

Friday, August 12


Michelle has made it her personal campaign to get kids off Happy Meals and on veggies and fruits. Wearing a gift from my friend Millie, VERY Michelle-esque.

Jen made this fantastic necklace out of engraved bone and carnelian. I adore it!

During the recession the First Lady needs fierce shoes, platform wedges by Big Buddha.
Let's keep those kids from childhood diabetes!