Wednesday, January 29

Oh So Sparkly!

Certainly you've already deduced the fact that this lavish necklace is 24k gold! April Fools! Cheesy is as cheesy does. Dig it!

Flying squirrel sleeved, soft as a dream tunic. Might be cashmere, I didn't look.

Mini knife pleats on this glimmering, twinkling skirt. What's not to love?

 Not able to afford even the low end line of Prada anymore, gleaned these brand new gray patent Miu Miu's from a friend. She made me buy them from her though, nice friend.

Tuesday, January 28

It's All About the Sweater..........

Incredible embroidery on this off-white cardigan. Designers hire people to this kind of fine detail and charge thousands for it. Wheeeeeeeee! Couple buttons missing, do I care? I think not.

Back detail is a monument to what clothing used to be like. Can't find this at Walmart

Pants are a bit jiggy. Salmon and navy jersey. If the crotch were a bit lower we'd be talking Hammertime! Dig it!

Lepore and More.......

  Another vest I've had for an age, blue on blue houndstooth. I love vests with collars. Let's call it a waistcoat, shall we? Antique pin and Lorena Angulo Guad pendant on turquoise leather. Yummy!

Back in the days of yore when I could afford designer rags, Nannette Lepore was one of my faves. This sheer frock with ruffled bodice boasts a fetching brown, black and turquoise dot pattern. Tan and black leggings and brown bikers boots complete this ensemble which I particularly favor. Dig it!

Eleanor Roosevelt Goes to Starbucks...........

Eleanor was considered one of the most outspoken First Lady's in the White House. Dig it!

Going for a power look to meet ambassadors for a staggeringly strong cup of joe, Eleanor strikes a pose in her bold red jacket with gobs of cameos.

                       A vest always drives the point home. (This one is over 30 years old.)

Tis a travesty you can't discern the beauty and intricacy of this skirt. An amalgamation of deep purple and navy, it is velvet with a burnt out treatment. (Not "burnt out" like me.)

I'm thinkin' it's time for these "Three Musketeer" boots to meet Goodwill. They have these long non-functional laces that drive me crazy. Don't trip on them Eleanor!

Friday, January 24

The Challenge Is On!!!!!!!

 So I'm on a mission to see how long I can go without sporting black and white. How long do you think I can persevere?
 Actually I could use a shot of color. Wearing so much of said black and white, there's a ton of things you haven't seen in an age. Hence this ensemble.
  This boiled wool sweater, an ancient procurement from Anthropologie. How crazy is this design? I'm certain you think I did the button part at least.
 I adore the image behind me of the art piece touching me on the shoulder!

Cranberry cougar time! Dig it!

These kickin' high heels, kinda butch, are a Xmas present. You have to know someone pretty
well to buy them a pair of shoes. Yeah baby!


I haven't been to San Francisco is way too long. I was so gleeful to be gifted this very sentimental tee from Molly Geissman.

I'm donning it over a long Eileen Fisher that I just ran into it in my closet. Score!

 Unbelievable studded skirt that I covet. Very gladiator.

Polka dot leggings and real leather (what?) biker boots. I feel pretty, oh so pretty........

Wednesday, January 22

Schoolmarm Tuesday..........

Getta load on this rig. If I could remember anything but literature, I might have a snowballs chance in hell. No, it's not happening........

Somber, demure. Who is this person?

Check out the length out this ancient Wear It shirt. Geez, am I having an Amish day?

Oh, the loveliness and craftsmanship in this Susan Skinner necklace exemplifies her enormous talent. 
Hey, what's that peeping through? Trampy little lace camisole? Shut up! Gotta go, time to work over some knuckles. Dig it! 

Happy Easter ......What???????????

Hey, I can only categorize this ensemble, fuzzy, pale as very Easter-esque. This ancient tentacle adorned mint sweater from Anthropologie is loosely knit, sans buttons.


Vexed by the hue of this frock........puce, dijon? It's a nice heavy poly-mix which is good because it's sleeveless and backless. Dig it!

These shoes have a history, they go in the "Fashion Injury" file. These puppies are so pointy I about took a header ascending the top stair! Wheeeee!


Remember when you always got a whole new outfit for Easter? Score! Sorrowfully, I just garnered this
fetching choker by Richard Campiglio. It's not Easter and this isn't my necklace either. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Monday, January 20

Give It Up Already.............

Alert the media! I've chosen to wear black and white today. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Cropped sweater, skirt with enough zig zags to give you vertigo and some cheesy chains. Dig it!


Splendid trio of Marcia Sedneck pins. That girl can do anything out of tin. I covet her everything. Fetching cropped tweed jacket.

 Back of splendid tweed jacket.

                                    Hey, a little apex action in the derriere department. Dig it!

Saturday, January 18

Aneurysm Saturday.........

Geez, how much can I get going on today? Well, forewarned, quite a bit. Let us time travel to the past where a bag of dry-cleaning has been draped over a chair in my library for at least nine months. Dig it!
I exhumed this skirt and sweater from it's bowels. Wheeeeeeee! Just like shopping again for the first time!
Score on this Betsey Johnson cropped sweater in the softest cotton. A treat!
How adorable the back?

Let's take unsightly horror up a notch. Are you game/ You'd better be.

Evergreen and black striped pencil skirt. Makes an intelligent choice with the sweater right? So much in common!

Hey, this is how I put it together. Wheeeeee!

Scary is as scary does. Dig it!

I hope Cornelia Sachs forgives for taking her necklace to the precipice of madness. It looks so normal, so fetching. Poor, poor Cornelia.

Mary Had a Little Nervous Breakdown

This was the name of a painting I did, we are in tandem consistently. What gives this garb the feel of the post's title is the innocence of the frock and the hellster skelter element of that bottom half. Wholesome little dress with see through shoulders leading to a neckline that boasts a modicum of stitchery and delicate red buttons. Tie waisted and featuring a bubble hem.  Going south it get's a tad jiggy. Flaming red leggings and my cherished faux zebra go-go boots from the UK. Be bi-polar, stay bi-polar.

Friday, January 17

Sherbet Friday..........

Free People does these elaborately adorned tunics that have an Eastern Indian tone. This is one of three.  Sheer however, the other two are heavily ornamented with a plethora of dazzling beadwork. Still, one must wear a slip beneath. (What??) This one however is skimpin' on the beadwork and completely sheer from neck to hip. No problem! It certainly would not be noticed if I wore it without an overlaying garment but, sparing you the horror, I donned this pale blue vintage blazer from Off Broadway. Lucky you! Wheeee!

Cranberry hued skirt encompasses paunch. Great pleats in lower back.
 This ensemble couldn't be complete without my Italian ankle wrapped shoes that mimic my blazer's

Best part of this symphony of sherbet colored soft porn and vintage sophistication? Magnificent pin created by Kristin Diener. I refer to it as my "Slumdog Millionaire" pin. Dig it!

Wednesday, January 15

Who said Halloween was over?????

                         Fab necklace with odd stone only found in Russia. Of course I love the size of it.

My Adele Simpson treasured bolero jacket from Off Broadway is the perfect compliment to these clown spots, no?

This ensemble begs for a bit more sizzle, hence my orange and black checked opaque hose. I celebrate Halloween every day! Wheee!

I'm Quite the Peacock........

Jean gave me this peacock pin as an  Xmas gift that I'm donning on this ancient shoe vest from my sister in law. Beneath is my ubiquitous Free People dot and lace top.

Wow, ain't this rubber circle skirt nuts? I think it's got donation written all over it. Wheeeee!

Pretty dotted hose and equally demure dark red, sparkly toed flats. Awwwwwwww.

Major score! This grey boiled wool jacket with flowing waterfall front I purchased for $25.00 at Tres Boutique. Dig it!

Let's keep our fingers crossed that rubber skirt ignites so something will happen with this narcoleptic outfit. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!