Saturday, December 31

Be Red Or Be Dead........

We're going to the Lobo game tonight, I'm a tad apprehensive. Ancient leather jacket. Haven't gotten to the red part yet.
Sublime blouse from Toad Road, I love the 50's style print.

This is the interesting part, it's split completely down the back. Buttons at top and bottom.

Here's my red action, red jeans with ankle zippers,am I ready for the gladiator pit? I'm steeling myself. Go Lobos!

Friday, December 30

Dot Dot Dot...........

Simply divine Rothmoor vintage jacket from Off Broadway, Rothmoor was evidently a very prestigious label in Europe in the 40's, Scottish I believe.

The 40's really paid homage to detail.

Pins from Wear It and Mati respectively.

Hence the blog name, lace tee from Free People and skirt from Diane Von Furstenberg.
Dot mayhem!

Check out these uber striking kicks by Poetic License. The design reminds me of a 60's automobile for some reason. Wear dots with gusto!

Thursday, December 29

Black Sheep of the Family.........

I AM the black sheep of the family which brings me to this sumptuous black cashmere v-neck sweater I got for Xmas. Yummy, how decadent!

Gauzy layered little frilly skirt, cool huh?

Detail of skirt, covered with little sheep, ahhhhhhh.

Wide ribbed hose and silver Mary James by Irregular Choice. Is there any hope for this reprobate? Doubtful, very doubtful.......

Wednesday, December 28

Eggplant and Chartreuse Wednesday........

Gifted for Xmas from my friend Millie was this eggplant hued ruched dress and chartreuse and purple striped scarf.

V-necked jersey ruched dress, love new things for the wardrobe!
Back is ruched too if you can get past my ample ass!

Tres purple ensemble! Purple plaid hose and purple Enigma platform pumps. I might be mistaken for a walking eggplant on the way to my car!

Monday, December 26

Guess What I Got For Xmas? Clothes, Jewelry, Accessories!!!!!!!

These aren't Xmas bounty but look at the collection of Debra Colonna pearls I've amassed!

Debra gifted me this gossamer rhubarb hued sweater, handmade buckle by Jen with gold belt. Hilfiger jeans from Millie.

What a decadent Xmas score! Not only is it beautifully crafted it happens to be one of my favorite themes, anything Asian. Jen was so generous to make the time to create this piece.Spoiled much? Moi?

Saturday, December 24

Barber Shop Pole or Candy Cane, You Make the Call..........

Got this jiggy dress that's kind of occasion specific, I can only pull it out for Xmas and Valentine's Day.
What the ?????? Major fishnet hose and red Carlos faux reptile kitten heeled pumps.
The old go to jacket with festive snowflake like pins. Merry merry!

Friday, December 23

Ginger Cookie.........

Greetings and salutations what with the imminent encroachment of Xmas. I am sporting a faux jacket, the animal being of unknown origin, antique pin at collar.
This mauve dress reminds me of a ginger cookie, satin top and underskirt, voile skirt with 3 dimensional embroidered flowers. Dashing!

What detail! How beautiful. I love cloths!

Wide mesh white opaques, faux python boots. Have a ginger cookie, not a FAUX one, on me!

Thursday, December 22

Jacket Extraordinaire..........

You've seen my dress before so I thought I'd concentrate on this glorious jacket from Off Broadway.
It's sea green wool with fold back sleeves and marvelous detail at the collar. Gold vermeil Anne Klein necklace.  40's jacket is by Auerbach's from long, long ago. Dig it!

Wednesday, December 21

Frilly Biker Wednesday.........

I love combing feminine with edginess. Short sleeve leather jacket with super vintage pins and heart pendents.

Effusively adore this grey and black lace frock, it softens up the look.

This outfit ends in pure butchness! Black herringbone stockings and fierce biker boots! Let's kick some fru fru ass on Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 20

It's a Barney Tuesday.......

Who doesn't love Barney and his festive look.
                      This dashing Off Broadway jacket kind of encapsulates the Barney vibe.
Vintage lilac Anthropologie with button edges, orange sweater from who knows.
I love the eyeglass shadow on my sweater, can you see it?
Favorite reading glasses from Walgreens 20 years ago.

Kickin' DKNY skinny jersey jeans and tres plastic square toed boots. Barney sure knows how to party hardy!

Monday, December 19

Charlotte Bronte Seeks Gainful Xmas Employment............

What with novel sales being a bit sluggish these days, Charlotte tries to find a part time job for Xmas.

Donned in a plethora of cameos, Charlotte steels for her first interview.

This J. Peterman  mole and hot pink velveteen vest is cosy and creates a lot of confidence.

This tulle gored skirt by Nick & Zoe has this beautiful peacock embroidery on the bottom.

                  Pink crocheted hose and putty hued flats, keep your fingers crossed that she gets a job!

Sunday, December 18

Elfin Magic..........

You're not going to believe this one. I feel like Will Farrell in Elf! I don't know what I was thinking, but I didn't have time for a costume change.......

I think this cinnabar necklace by Susan Skinner is the only normal part of this rig.

I look like I might be wearing something from the Ice Capades!

Jiggy huh? Black and white polka dot leggings and red and black stockings underneath. Franco Sarto
zip up black shoes. Can I wrap something for you?

Saturday, December 17

Charles Dickens Carolling Outfit.............

Oh, how much do I LOVE Charles Dickens!
Such a glorious imagination and sublime prose.
Women dressed beautifully back then.

Such splendidly ornate detail.

This sale frock from Anthropologie is reminiscent of that period, shouldn't I be carolling in the streets
with others?

Rose and dot hose and Dickensian shoe boots. I think the era would approve.

Friday, December 16

Back to School Friday...........

Deborah Colonna double layered brown pearls, antique key pin. Blue on blue houndstooth collared vest,
ancient checked blouse with fabric buttons.
My Anthropologie brown wool skirt is covered with bow ties, dig it!

Off white diamond opaque hose, cool leather shoes with gingham check, satin laces and orange trim.
When's Christmas break?