Tuesday, December 30

Stupidest Event Ever...........

                                                           DECEMBER 20th

So we're notified they're going to do a reprisal to "Shop and Stroll", kind of a "Son of Shop and Stroll". This one entitled "Park and Shop". Hello? Isn't that what the entire nation was doing 5 days before Xmas? Give me a break!

    Sweater appears twisted on my body......Hey, it actually is! That's the way it was designed.


        Perky polka dot tights say "Come purchase something like the rest of the nation". Dig it!


I love these clever zip front shoes. These are a thousand years old. But thanks to my raging O.C.D., they still appear brand new! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Monday, December 29

To Make a Long Story Longer........

                                            DECEMBER 18th................

 Remarked on these incongruous, in the extreme, spiffy vintage button montage pins I purchased from a tiny Mati in Coronado in the 70's. Character has been tilled under for chocolate diamonds, alas.  Jacket ceramic buttons I bought in Santa Fe when I lived up there in the early 70's. Dig it!

Vintage jacket one of my best girlfriends gave me in the eleventh grade!
I don't know if I have 50 Kleenex's in each pocket or what. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Mauve lace under raspberry lycra jumper. It's intriguing feature. Gills!

Remarkable when fashion can make it capable for you to stay under water twice as long. Wheeeeee!

DECEMBER 19th................

Stark shock of red in this side buttoned tunic I'm wearing over a fetching little frock
Clever is as clever does.

Lava choker by Laurette O'Neill. Astonishing how little and perfectly spherical lava can be! Ha!

Ran into Off Broadway one day. I needed a jacket instantaneously!! Despite the split second purchase, no remorse. What a gem!

 Spunky little, real leather! calf skimming boots with straps and buckles. A very fashionable friend visited that day. I was cheered I was somewhat on my game.

Saturday, December 27

Documentation Ensues.............

                                            DECEMBER 16th........Repurpose Your Bean Bag........

                  Received some guff regarding this particular ensemble. Do I care? I think not. Snidely alluded to a 70's go-go dress, as if that's a bad thing.  I was kind of taken aback initially because I found this to be a clever pairing. Oh, well, to each his own. Indeed.

  Naugahyde runs rampant in this clever , apparently go-go-esque, jumper.  Personally, I find it fetching.

Free People gossamer black polka dot lace long sleeve.

Have you ever encountered such smart use of naugahyde? I think not.

Mimicking my Free People top, hose! Dig it! Italian pumps with quilted fabric top, and ankle lace ups.

Don't discriminate against go-go girls. They're people too. 

DECEMBER 17th The Oddest Dinner Party..........

Toned down my edgy, bizarre vent to exude a modicum of normalcy at a dinner invitation. Brought a book, not wine or flowers. Just my way.

Always leave these alluring brace of antique gems on this jacket. they were made for each other.
Sublime Wanda Lobito pendant on my own pearls bespeaks,"more is more".

Jacket strikes a"His Girl Friday" vibe. Does it not?

A dollop of capri trousers and cranberry pantent flats with sparkling toes complete my dashing ensemble. I had quite a few pithy conversations with myself. Dig it!

Friday, December 26

Dickens Would Applaud.......

Tis' me, (oh, I should discard the Christmas Carol lingo), resurfacing from  my retail avalanche. How I toiled, aerobically, since last I posted. My fingers all cracked at fingernails, I had colicly heat, gift wrapped the most impossible things, cleaned, wrapped, and made the bows that are now the bane of my existence, I prayed I'd die of consumption. I was forsaken email, phone call returns, and blogging, most assurdely. But oh the ensembles I have to share! I always seek to accelerate the decadence during Yuletide. Dig it!

                                            DECEMBER 14th.......The Spotted Llama Sighting.......

                  This mixture (quite), of vintage jewelry and blazer, 99 cents skirt from Goodwill, Paleozoic striped Ross tank, an Alison Franks bakelite choker and my "equestrian" shoe boots, diminish behind the glamour of this fierce, fashion forward, freak llama vest.

And people look askance. And feel sorry for me. Hmmmm..............

DECEMBER 15TH........Cranberry Takes Center Stage

It goes without saying I own several frocks by this company. Funny thing is, I really don't know the name of this label. I just features bookended capital D's. This particular one has considerably smart detail.

My delicately pinstriped waistcoat doesn't get it's due in the pic. It's very Fitzwilliam Darcy.

A holy treasure in this iconographic charmer by Wanda Lobito. Though not religious, I need all the help I can get.

Flaccid hose and underwhelming shoes complete this enemble. And, in my opinion, it was going so well........

Want to partake of flaccid? Look in the mirror girlfriend.

                                                    TO BE CONTINUED...................

Wednesday, December 17


Just wanted to apprise you that I'm not in fact incarcerated but flooded with tasks at work. A good thing. I've lot of documented ensembles to share. Be back soon!

Friday, December 12


What with Phil out of town, documentation has become even more venturous. This ensemble was taken at my house, as you'll observe from last pic. Though these chains would be the same value of three cars, well, my car, were they real gold, they are old enough to be gold plated, judging the rich patina.

                                                 Smart helter skelter striped long sleeve in it's entirety.

Had to feature my plastic platform knee high boots with my studded pencil skirt. Oh the mirth of not acting one's age!


Thursday, December 11


  Cristo also comes to mind regarding these monolithic sweaters I've started to don. I love Christo's installations!

Powerful statement piece indeed but I think Christo might take out a hit on me if he knew I used his name and this Kaboom sweater in the same sentence.

Polka dot tights for the "more is nauseatingly more".

Hey, the frenzied floodgates are open, so let's not stop now. Pale blue Italian lace up pumps and black and white striped socks.

                                                 A bit of bile building up? I feel your pain.

Goodness, Goodness Me.............

At this juncture , you really are going to think I was in rehab. All of those celebrities were so nice! Fictitious. I've existed on an arduous plane. When time to discuss fashion is bankrupt, you know I'm occupied!

                                           ITCHY AND SCRATCHY SHOW.....

Hilarious cartoon show within a cartoon show. This pair beat each other up continuosly. So cathartic! Would you expect anything less from the Simpson's?

I segue into my fetching vintage jacket that I've never attempted to wear without a long sleeved article beneath. Yow....not so smart.

Grey cotton tank is darling but, alas, just doesn't cut it.

I take comfort in the plethora of simple ingenuity by jeweler Laurette O'Neil. Oxidized sterling with gold granulation.  

Ankle length jeans and ferocious grey patent boots by Miu Miu, Miuccia Prada's cheapo line. So what!

I'm awfully querulous when one considers your patience. Bad me.


My newest obsession "car cover clothes"

Soooooooooooooooo Roooooooooooomy!

When will this octogenarian  cease to wear animal print tights? 

Wanda Lobito bone (tooth?) necklace and cheesy fish necklace from Pier 1, circa 1980. Dig it!

Love these woven shoe boots. Would surmise they're also circa 1980. Attention to care and maintenance very important to me. Polished, tissue in the toes, box storage, by color. OCD?


Could anyone approach the frenzied popularity of this duo? Having both best selling records and a television show was the apex of grooviness.

I channel Sonny in my pea green (conjuring the canned ones from the 60's) faux fur. Dig it!

Diverted from the paisley bell bottoms (very likely buried in my vast inventory) with this exceptional wool skirt with gross grain motif by Boden, a collection with some things quirky enough for my tastes.

Why I'm bothering to document this top is an enigma. You can't even see it. Well, I'll describe it. Embodied in string follicles set a very simian tone. From Celebro, RIP. It was a great clothing store.

These Penny's boots were $80 dollars! I blanched at the price but liked them so dearly I bought them. Pennys? $80 dollars? Oh please........

Name one thing she doesn't want dearly?