Monday, December 29

To Make a Long Story Longer........

                                            DECEMBER 18th................

 Remarked on these incongruous, in the extreme, spiffy vintage button montage pins I purchased from a tiny Mati in Coronado in the 70's. Character has been tilled under for chocolate diamonds, alas.  Jacket ceramic buttons I bought in Santa Fe when I lived up there in the early 70's. Dig it!

Vintage jacket one of my best girlfriends gave me in the eleventh grade!
I don't know if I have 50 Kleenex's in each pocket or what. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Mauve lace under raspberry lycra jumper. It's intriguing feature. Gills!

Remarkable when fashion can make it capable for you to stay under water twice as long. Wheeeeee!

DECEMBER 19th................

Stark shock of red in this side buttoned tunic I'm wearing over a fetching little frock
Clever is as clever does.

Lava choker by Laurette O'Neill. Astonishing how little and perfectly spherical lava can be! Ha!

Ran into Off Broadway one day. I needed a jacket instantaneously!! Despite the split second purchase, no remorse. What a gem!

 Spunky little, real leather! calf skimming boots with straps and buckles. A very fashionable friend visited that day. I was cheered I was somewhat on my game.