Monday, December 8

Rehab hasn't the stigma it did........

Ha Ha! I reiterate, the week of rotating the entire gallery for the next hows is, well quite frankly, an arduous nightmare. Good attitude! We run full throttle for what is usually 5 days but for "Shop & Stroll" week, had only 4. So I have accrued quite a volume of ensembles that need to be shared.  Be patient, it will take me few days!

                                                        SHERPA SUNDAY

                           Entitled so because of the mock badger vest I'm flaunting.

Desingual v-neck also lends itself to the Tibetan theme. Stitchery, mirrors, it's quite fetching, if a wee tribal.

Gorgeous double turquoise strands by Jill Erickson. Tibetans are into turquoise, are they not?

Like the crop job on this photo? My arm appeared at such a mangled position it had to be amputated.
The wool circle skirt survived and it's a gem.  Emblazoned with stitchery and appliqued circles.

The finale, my suede shoe boots with black faux fur. I'd be the bell of the ball, uh, my conjecture is that  cotillions aren't a common event.