Tuesday, June 30


Of recent, read articles of dogs at the frontline in warfare. Being a rabid dog lover, I noticed that a film called "Max" had opened. I assumed a mockumentary (edit, vaguely documentary ) on such a brave canine. The 145 child movie previews should have been a harbinger that it would have been prudent to read the synopsis. It starts in Afghanistan, he and soldier partner. But shortly, a mortal injury to his owner brings him stateside. Nebulously, Max takes down a drug cartel arranged by nefarious bunkmate of fallen hero soldier. Well, let's put it this way; Max, blindfolded, could do an underwater heart transplant with one paw tied behind his back. Oh, and Max can run 75 miles, without so much as a side stitch. At 75 mph. He made Lassie look like a hamster. There were however, 2 scenes aswarm with churning Chihuahuas. Needless to say, Max saves mankind. But hey, I've never seen a dog movie I didn't love. (like)

Under cloak of night, and not witnessed, these photographs were taken.  Opera length vintage necklace of cheesy beads and glass. Long loved.  Man, was the guillotine busy with this pic. Wheeeeee!

Comely, flowing lycra sleeveless. It does however remind me of the series Georgia O'keeffe painted.......

Herald my faux Pucci pumps. Polished cotton.

I'm placing my bets that Max was Disney and PG. Dig it!

Sunday, June 28

Phil, Please Get Well !!!!!!!!!!

Weren't it not for blithe ensemble achievement, this would not warrant the quality and venues of the documentation. Rachel is supplying relief but absence is a factor. So this footage is by my least pursued aid.

Sacred heart duo, larger by Lorena Angulo and second a milagro on leather. Delicate coral strand with cross motif by Maria Levy.

Flaunting prized heavy cotton lace short waisted, short sleeve.

In my predictable, predicament remembered these as baggy shorts, alas was pressed upon to wear this skirt with a paucity of length. Baggy aspect does render some assistance. Uh, some.

Of chocolate cotton-linen blend, it's really a subtle, striking ensemble.
Throw in some faux reptile flats and trudge through another day of my longing for Phil's return........

P H I L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 27

The Kindness of Strangers..........

Backlogged with a smattering of yet observed ensembles, will spew forth documentation both scribed and sighted.

                                      MERE INCHES FROM THE SUN..........
 Lathered in quintillion strength sunscreen to survey the detail in this cotton lace sleeveless. Exposed it too near oblivion. Good thing, my arms were frightfully frog-esques.

I pose in my sparkly tulle ballet skirt of dark gold. Blue suede flats (nice summer shoes ) with gold encrusted bows. Such a clever girl.

Dreadful frog arms. Rock on!


Relatively visible, this spate of nostalgic pins. Lovely girl with brass tiara piece by Phoenix Forrester. Victorian pins, the lower painted, round out this vertical pageantry. This bested following pic of comely frock. It's pale lace bodice resonates the sensibility of my jewels.

Black paneled circle skirt treatment with sheer over panel. Trust me. I speak the truth when I laude this beauty.

Rachel comes to the rescue in capturing this treat from Suny's Boutique. I ardently cherish it. Cotton blend makes it baby soft. Pewter in hue. Indulge in the fetching crewel work, dropped waist, ample tiered pockets and string sleeve enclosures.  Behaving yet again, blue cami lurks beneath. 

 Karan Sipe's brace of repurposed charms encircle the neck I attempted to crop to oblivion. Sadly, this is the best I could render to spare Karan's stately alchemy.

Abreast of the situation. Wheeeeeee!

Thursday, June 25

Flying Solo..........

How these pics came to fruition is hilarious. Phil is laid up with back plights. Like all things technical, I am sorely ignorant. Out comes the Paleozoic digital camera. Naturally, absent of knowledge as to it's navigation. Successfully turned it on but that's the end of moving forth. Intention was to put it on the delayed timer. That mission vexed. So basically what my clever technique was to stand as far afield as my arms would allow and shoot. Wheeee! Forewarned is forearmed, followers.

              Dress under skirt trick. Both lovely. Ensemble quite fun.
Kristen Diener necklace. Observe comely, rolled created, flower buds.

Flower bud detail. Dig it!

This was a stretch. Literally. Attempting to flaunt my clever skirt. Attempted. 

Whatever happened the the trusted Polaroid? I knew how to do the delayed setting on those treasures. I hear they've brought them back, i.e. "retro". As in as much as a Volvo. Anathema!!!!!!

I love Daddy...........

Mariposa isn't aswim with Father's day gifts. A dearth of fishing rods, ties and boxer shorts. In contrast, a plethora of outstanding art. Robust purchases of outstanding creations. None to gift poor Daddy, alas. Hey, Dillards and REI facilitate that niche. Dig it!

Mediocre maxi dress only energized by zigging and zagging. Must I reiterate how keenly I'm holding to the age appropriate thingy? Observe. Camisole. Yawnsville. 
Red faux alligator platform sandals.

Cinnabar (love, love) doubled opera necklace in tandem with vivid ethnic stones.

Who wasn't a Daddy's girl? Unless, mayhap, he was an ax murderer. Wheeeeee!

Sunday, June 21

Bad Girl Dress Exhumation...........

Succumbing to latent vent for my trollop side this shift puts a skip in my stride. An artist commented that I looked 21. In truth, her thoughts were "dressed like 21". Did I care? I think not. I love this dress. I've had two twenty something employees and would bequeath some of my tragically trashy items but both are too amply endowed.
Abstract pendants with subtle cross detail by genius Janet Hoezel.

Bombarded wrist with faux pearls, estimate the entire menagerie's value, $8.00 Dig it!

                    Personally, I consider this dress relatively tame, for not the lurid bodice slash.
Navy patent kitten heals don't foster further strain on the sleaziness. But you missed the back! Lascivious is as lascivious does. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Nighty Night..........

Internally referenced this sublime Robert Rodriguez dress as a nightgown but when bespoken to that it looked like a "Victorian" nightgown, I blanched. Victorian trumps plain nightgown.  Was surprised someone would actually refer to it as such. Guess it was more obvious than I measured! It's gossamer layers and descending ruffled hemline make this sleeveless a summer's dream. Add in the factor that bodice ruffles create the trompe l'oell effect bust line, well, dig it! (Actually, not at all concerned in having a bust).

Wee dappling of pearls, ah pearls, so demure. 

Deep in slumber, I partook of the most delicious art. Always want to purchase these delights of genius!
Sweet dreams. Wheeeee!

Saturday, June 20

Where's My Cocktail?

Ensemble leans toward excessive (gee, really)? for the day to day grind. But, familiar with said wardrobe drill, what get's thrown on tends to stay on. Exhumed this frisky little frock in satin with an abstract shibori tone. Yummy hue ambrosia. I attempted to take it down a notch by donning the leather , multi-grommeted belt. Did it work? The jury is out.......

Sequins are integral for the casual look. If you're Liberace. Dig it!

Believe I own both of these treasures.

Cheesy acquisition from some unmentionable venue. Should be water boarded for purchasing. 

So our lesson for the day is, be it sequins or tulle, bring it on. Early and often. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Friday, June 19

Fifty shades of grey dresses.............

Superfluous is as superfluous does. Straining your retention of the quintillion grey frocks in my miasmic archive; I'll spare you being vexed by which is which by spreading them over time. This cascading cotton frock exudes a modicum of dreaminess. Nothing you'll alert the media about.

Not documented are the low sloping underarms and razor back detail. Attempting to be staid yet sleazy I donned this black lace razor backed cammi. Naughty, age inappropriate, girl.

A spate of exotic stone and turquoise chokers. All but one made by Susan Skinner. She hates me now you know. Dig it!

To be honest, the queue of people that find me abhorrent circles the globe. Wheeeee. I'm so popular!

I'm Smitten, You're Smitten..........



DRIVING STICK................


DIG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!