Saturday, June 20

Where's My Cocktail?

Ensemble leans toward excessive (gee, really)? for the day to day grind. But, familiar with said wardrobe drill, what get's thrown on tends to stay on. Exhumed this frisky little frock in satin with an abstract shibori tone. Yummy hue ambrosia. I attempted to take it down a notch by donning the leather , multi-grommeted belt. Did it work? The jury is out.......

Sequins are integral for the casual look. If you're Liberace. Dig it!

Believe I own both of these treasures.

Cheesy acquisition from some unmentionable venue. Should be water boarded for purchasing. 

So our lesson for the day is, be it sequins or tulle, bring it on. Early and often. Wheeeeeeeeee!