Tuesday, June 9

Exhultation of Sednek's............

The apex of "more is more", I'm known to have quite a collection of Marcia's jewelry. Funny, only 2 of her divine hanging dresses. Often done this look, as my propensity for all things clown like can't be tethered.

Color blocked dress, I conjure this look might have been shelved but issues such as this; I can't be bothered. V-neck detail was down to my navel. So I donned the slip. The slip however didn't salvage my dilemma. Fashion peril on the clock is unnerving, quite. I get to work, then I tie both slip and dress straps in knots on my shoulders. The knitted vest thingy was employed to hide as many ills as possible. One can only ask so much.

Detail of vest's back. Nice exposed tag. Dig it! I'm open for clown consultations. Call for an appointment. Wheeeeee!