Thursday, June 25

Flying Solo..........

How these pics came to fruition is hilarious. Phil is laid up with back plights. Like all things technical, I am sorely ignorant. Out comes the Paleozoic digital camera. Naturally, absent of knowledge as to it's navigation. Successfully turned it on but that's the end of moving forth. Intention was to put it on the delayed timer. That mission vexed. So basically what my clever technique was to stand as far afield as my arms would allow and shoot. Wheeee! Forewarned is forearmed, followers.

              Dress under skirt trick. Both lovely. Ensemble quite fun.
Kristen Diener necklace. Observe comely, rolled created, flower buds.

Flower bud detail. Dig it!

This was a stretch. Literally. Attempting to flaunt my clever skirt. Attempted. 

Whatever happened the the trusted Polaroid? I knew how to do the delayed setting on those treasures. I hear they've brought them back, i.e. "retro". As in as much as a Volvo. Anathema!!!!!!