Sunday, June 28

Phil, Please Get Well !!!!!!!!!!

Weren't it not for blithe ensemble achievement, this would not warrant the quality and venues of the documentation. Rachel is supplying relief but absence is a factor. So this footage is by my least pursued aid.

Sacred heart duo, larger by Lorena Angulo and second a milagro on leather. Delicate coral strand with cross motif by Maria Levy.

Flaunting prized heavy cotton lace short waisted, short sleeve.

In my predictable, predicament remembered these as baggy shorts, alas was pressed upon to wear this skirt with a paucity of length. Baggy aspect does render some assistance. Uh, some.

Of chocolate cotton-linen blend, it's really a subtle, striking ensemble.
Throw in some faux reptile flats and trudge through another day of my longing for Phil's return........

P H I L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!