Wednesday, April 29

Adoration Inc.

                        DOGGIES IN THE WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM.................

                                                  MOTHER'S DAY.................

                                            DRIVING STICK..................


                                         THIS GROOVY BLOUSE.................

Tuesday, April 28

Brilliant Incongruity............

Pretty good odds that you surmise I concocted this color scheme. It was designed in this perfectly clever hue amalgamation. One wouldn't court the concept that mauve gray and chartreuse would cross pollenate so sublimely. Intricacy of the heavy crocheted lace bespeaks of another era. And hey, I'm still projecting my staid, placid, stagnation! Wheeeee!

Wanda Lobito creates artful jewelry of iconic images; whether it be saints, Frida, Buddha,  Mexican Loteria cards or that elephant that has a wealth of arms. Looks like he'd  be a hell of a housekeeper.
Featured here is vivid, playful Loteria necklace.

 Succinct today. Isn't it your fantasy post? Dig it!

Sunday, April 26

Room for Storage.................

Neiman's dress, sigh, gracing us with a 50's energy. But observe, there's a girth of empty real estate in the bust line department. Things do change and I guess I possessed one in days of yore. Let's concentrate on the pleated capped sleeves and cunning print. Polished cotton, knee skimming, a-line by David Meister.  Awash with the "Junior League" look. Wheeeee!


              Mercifully enlivened with a vintage belt by Ralph Lauren from Off Broadway.

Clever Lauren Tobey necklace mimics dress dots and stifles some of your ungovernable yawning.

Lest you forget,  there's always room for linens and bath towels conveniently located in the upper portion of this frock. Dig it!

Friday, April 24

It's Lacy, It's Zippy, It's Stupid............

Staid attire is starting to get on my last nerve. Sorely need a schizophrenic infusion of my long tolerated, intrinsically absurd persona, then perhaps I could somehow swallow my identity crisis. Stupidly demure is as stupidly demure does in this petroleum based peplum sleeveless. Best thing going for it is this repurposed pin with center glass heart. I think it might be a Mexican soda can. Dig it!

Skinny Lycra's are saved from narcolepsy by 3 slanted exposed zippers. Thank God! Vintage-esques black sandals sporting no platform and moderate heel. If I don't brandish something scant and suffocatingly tight in the near future I'll lose my mind! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Thursday, April 23

Satin Wednesday..........

Have I forever run a stake through the age inappropriate heart? Oh, so weary, down trodden and bored. To say nothing of the wealth of teenage clothing I warehouse. I bravely shuffle forward in this white satin floral, again from J. Peterman. It's only sultry asset are the off the shoulder sleeves. Well, given no upper carriage, it might not have been designed that way but serendipitously morphed into this look. It also sports unflattering waist ruching that appears like you'r retaining a lot of water. Hmmmmmmmmm. Back to the drawing board.

Documenting the mimicked back. Derriere's unreasonably ample as well. I think Mr. J.'s due  call...............

Case of the Shredded Frock

Not the first time I've flaunted and defended this sleeveless crepe v-neck dress with flouncy hem and delightfully queer hue marriage. Hot pink and kidney. Alas, the edgeless sleeves and neckline are ripped to ribbons. Wheeeee! Do I cast it away like a wicked step mother? I think not. Instead, I mask it under various fletching camouflage. This, a gift from glorious friend; cantaloupe vintage mini sleeveless in cotton, cashmere blend.

Victorian velveteen vest from J. Peterman's that's sans all but one tenacious surviving button. Thanks Comet dry cleaning. Comely fuchsia embroidery and two handsome cameos. Who said that stupid quote,"if you love something (body), let it go. I think not. Dig it!

Tuesday, April 21

Tosco Monday.......

Much recalcitrance regarding new "age appropriate campaign". Rampant youthful attire is a huge proponent of my ridiculous persona. Won't you miss it? I'll be so boring you'll abandon visiting my narcoleptic site. Dig it!  Sensibility is as sensibility does in this knee length green-gold baroque motif aline skirt from Wear It.

Modicum of spark in this waistcoat. Clever upper bodice and tails of diaphanous crepe. Plunging faux cotton with 3 button enclosure.

Scintillating Tosco choker I procured at the Cowboys and Indians antiques fair. It came with clip earrings, which I gave away, and a matching pin. I love pins. (Old ladies love pins).

Reiterate that amending from strumpet to painful, marrow sucking, boredom will effusively test my will and identity. We'll see how long it lasts! Wheee!

Sunday, April 19

Front to Back

One of my more conceptualized ensembles. Knowing these frisky pieces is the opposite of the other made debuting this attire quite gleeful. Long sleeved lycra top with roll up button sleeves and polka dot pocket gives a harbinger of the trickery that's imminent. Black and white narrow striped skinny trousers and ancient black leather belt with criss cross accents.

Tomfoolery squared by the posterior antipode. Seeking gainful employment as court jester. Dig it!

The Quiz...........

Reading CNN's latest "world body count" update, when, what should happen to pop up but a quiz entitled "Are you dressing too young for your age" Fearful of the inevitable results, I forged ahead.  First harbinger of a tragic ramification, apex of age, 40!!!!!!! Well, needless to say, there go the platforms, 4" skirts, and inexhaustible heaps of gauche attire. Score Goodwill! Dig it! Possessing a boyish frame, I stand firm on tights and skinny jeans. Segue into this microscopic ruched frock. Won't bore you with how I ended up donning this (recall my fireman technique of choosing said ensemble).  This is so short my Depends are almost evident!

 Exquisite vintage jacket from Off Broadway detracts from my effusively age inappropriate frock.

Micro white pin stripes on this transfixing gem with tapered waist and covered buttons. Sports, miraculously, authentic pockets! What a concept!

Spate of stick pins that have had a permanent home on this jacket since it's purchase.

I'm going to stretch out the age change thingy as long as I can. I always kind of fall back on the illusion that I look like an 8 year old boy in drag. Wheeeeeeeeee!

My Slant On Things..........

Applaud myself for this conservative and almost age appropriate ensemble. Had a meeting which compelled me not only to turn it down a notch, but defer from the 4" dress norm. Tame, but not without an element of provocateur. Dig it!

Fierce, studded belt from days of yore. I stand my ground regarding my superfluous inventory due to hoarding pieces from circa 1968 et al. Wheeeee!

Thursday, April 16

Change of Venue Wednesday.........

Thrift commerce circumstances propelled us to delay ensemble documentation, prompting Phil's exit to other agendas. Hence pics taken at home. Comely double repurposed necklaces by Karan Sipe. Hoarded inventory makes me miss her very much. I no longer have the joy of representing her talent. Or hoarding more. Dig it!

                              Scoop neck grey sleeveless tee under delicate, intricate navy lace.
                                                                 Very Victorian.

           Accompanied with heavy combed cotton circle skirt that brings snowfall to mind.

Sequined navy flower flats add an element of tamed frenzy, what's an ensemble if it doesn't flaunt a spate of patterns? Wheeeeee!

Good Ol' Days...........

Pre-recesson, (should that be depression?) I frequented such lofty venues of clothing snobbery as Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's. Whoa! Is that a distant memory! Now I'm eagerly awaiting The Dollar Tree to debut a Haute Couture section. Luscious satin dress in arresting tones of gold, purple and black are from said "high life" Paleolithic era. High rounded collar, flattering relaxed hem.

Procurement of this cheesy black bow belt is curiouser and curiouser. I don't know why I sported it. Perhaps for the fond farewell to Goodwill. Such sweet parting ( not really) . Certainly hope that it wasn't gifted to me by someone who reads this blog. Oh dear........

Goth cross in satin silver finish by Richard Campiglio. Citrine marvelously mimics the golden hue of my sadly and sorely missed expensive frock drays.

What a sense of values and priorities. Water bordering distinctly enticing. Dig it!