Sunday, April 5

Get Your Easter On........

Should you partake of such, a happy salutation is due. I seem to have been surrounded by the most ungainly amount of events leading up to this culmination. Kind of reminds me of "March Madness" in a sense.

Let's move on to my shift. Gleaned at the Santa Fe flea market more than 25 years ago. It's purpose is ambiguous. Were it not for bust line (huh?) darts it could discerned for a slip or nightgown. I used to have it dry cleaned, but after the cost surmounted it's price by a trillion percent, I began cold water washing. Most advantageous occurrence, the crocheted hem shrunk and created a bubble like treatment.
(Real term for a design, I didn't make it up, swear).

Yet another Paleozoic vest from Casual Corner! Obviously went through a vest phase. Back then the pockets were real, what a concept! A yarn pin, grosgrain pin by Kris Mills, vintage plastic one. Wheeeee!

                                                        Easter, it's over right? Dig it!