Tuesday, April 28

Brilliant Incongruity............

Pretty good odds that you surmise I concocted this color scheme. It was designed in this perfectly clever hue amalgamation. One wouldn't court the concept that mauve gray and chartreuse would cross pollenate so sublimely. Intricacy of the heavy crocheted lace bespeaks of another era. And hey, I'm still projecting my staid, placid, stagnation! Wheeeee!

Wanda Lobito creates artful jewelry of iconic images; whether it be saints, Frida, Buddha,  Mexican Loteria cards or that elephant that has a wealth of arms. Looks like he'd  be a hell of a housekeeper.
Featured here is vivid, playful Loteria necklace.

 Succinct today. Isn't it your fantasy post? Dig it!