Thursday, April 2

Campbell's Soup is So Retro!

Recall when Campbell's was new to the mid-century and we were consuming oceans of it, aswim with salt. Yummy!  Everything of this era that came encased in a can was the cat's pajama's. Those were some dark nutritional days. Six months of recommended sodium intake in a single meal. Wheeeeeee!
Segue to my Warhol Campbell's soup can pencil skirt.

Gray draped shouldered tee with triangle seemed bodice. I appear a trifle disheveled. Do I care? I think not.

Sandals debut. The upkeep of varnishing one's toes. Oh bother. Not fond of these shoes, but curious, others are. I find the big, flat, button thingy quite unsavory. 

Unsavory is as unsavory does. Dig it!