Sunday, April 5

J.Peterman Strikes Again......

Have received, for an age, J. Peterman's catalogue with illustrated offerings and pithy descriptions. But all that ever comes to mind now is Seinfeld's Elaine working there and eating a piece of cake from George Washington's birthday. Segue into these palazzo pants I bought more than 15 years ago. Spasm of contemplation that they might be out of date. Do I care? I think not.

Trio of pins. Copper, sterling and cloisonne pins from Mariposa Old Town. Repurposed pin by an artist that was the first I knew to do this treatment. Dig it!

Warned regarding the over abundance of laciness residing in my closet.

Am sporting cool, in the extreme, fierce, bisque hued leather platforms. Atrocity of bologna feet made documentation impossible.

                                           I was spared. You were spared.