Tuesday, April 7

Case of the Mysterious Pin......

Ensconced in the of one ( of many ) jacket departments, I discovered an antiquated blazer boasting a pin I had long ago been given by a former employer. Not one to possess jewelry other than her wedding band, she gleefully unloaded this glorious piece to someone she knew would ardently find passion. Anomalous, bewitching, engraving from a foreign land, exceptional framing detail. I plucked it from said garment, and to my delight, it possessed a pendant attachment. Dig it!

Tank top imperative under this quite ample sleeveless blouse. Loosely abstract, a clever detail element is that is boasts a rough cotton bodice and silk flared, pleated peplum.

How often can I praise this glorious, pearl encrusted, tulle ballet skirt? It is my most beloved.

How graced with fortune am I with the means to plunder one's own closet and behold such treasures. 
Should I get a metal detector?