Thursday, April 23

Case of the Shredded Frock

Not the first time I've flaunted and defended this sleeveless crepe v-neck dress with flouncy hem and delightfully queer hue marriage. Hot pink and kidney. Alas, the edgeless sleeves and neckline are ripped to ribbons. Wheeeee! Do I cast it away like a wicked step mother? I think not. Instead, I mask it under various fletching camouflage. This, a gift from glorious friend; cantaloupe vintage mini sleeveless in cotton, cashmere blend.

Victorian velveteen vest from J. Peterman's that's sans all but one tenacious surviving button. Thanks Comet dry cleaning. Comely fuchsia embroidery and two handsome cameos. Who said that stupid quote,"if you love something (body), let it go. I think not. Dig it!