Monday, April 13

Kristin Diener Trifecta.........

Slave to her imperious creations I'm parading three of my pet acquisitions. I have them categorizes by descriptions in their resting places. Top piece stored in "miniature Kristin" box and, for Kristin, it is indeed. Second is " medium Kristin" and third is a special creation I custom ordered with troll dolls I possessed and curiously bizarre photo of a monkey in a sweater being held in male hands; a cigarette burnt nearly down to the skin. Dig it! I found this in a book at my mothers when clearing her home after her death. How much would you love to glean the story behind that? One needs not bespeak their brilliance, her genius is legendary.

Zig zag maxi dress completes this ensemble. There's not much one can do to keep pace with such grandeur. Enough said.