Thursday, March 31


Have surmised by now it's evident that the foundation of my wardrobe and character are not within the norm. Hence this arresting piece by Kris Mills, a kindred spirit in the normalcy department. Dig it! Kick ass hand beaded necklace. Vintage photo. I love Kris!
Somewhat of a segue but I know eventually I will spontaneously combust. Wheeeee!

Tame by comparison is the rest of this ensemble. I should be brandishing a red satin cap but incredulously one is absent from my inventory. We all recognize that it's imminent.
Knit tunic, the only thing relatively compelling are horizontal sleeves and back. ZZZZZZZ.
Providing vast scintillation is this Leifsdottir, satin double tiered charmer with dots. Striped trim. Yum.

Polka dot opaques and dainty little silver woven flats. For your sake Kris Mills saves the day!

Wednesday, March 30

Leatha for Easta...........

Most will contend that sightings of authentic leather have the frequency of a double eclipse. Hold the phone! This Calvin Klein belt from the 70's is in fact the real McCoy. Mayhaps pleather was decades from being invented. Gloriously chamois soft leather with bronze hook enclosure. Wideness is as wideness does. Rock it!

Triple M (Man Made Material) does however rule the show. I'm keeping petroleum in business!
Wheeee! In my defense the mimicry is commendable. Work with me here..........
Pure evil lurks by my turquoise kitten heels. Vastly prudent that you not make eye contact.
Nice knee.

Sinful back detail. Dig it!

Stately disc turquoise choker by Hollie Masterson.

Happy belated Easter! Wheeeee!

Monday, March 28

Phoenix Forrester, Aswim in Brown..........

Remorsefully I miss Phoenix Forrester's spirited achievements in jewelry. Gleeful that I own many brooches, a few necklaces and a belt encompassed with watch faces. Bijouterie reflecting old photos always fill me with intrigue. Who are those people? What filled their lives? These two delicate pieces with haunting images are further embellished with repurposed ephemera.

Now begins the tsunami of brown!
Ingenius sewing mastery in this Victorian inspired, chocolate billowy sleeved jacket. 


Faux trousers that are a tad ample. They recall those plastic thingys you put over kids diapers. Dig it!

Rock-eth all things Victorian! 

Mao and Mondrian, Rock On!

Frolicky spring day. Vibrant vim in the air. Let's bombard Nob Hill with color! Much dichotomy to be had betwixt these two icons.
                                         Mao Zedong was a prickly fellow. A porridge of bad and good. Mostly bad. Loved, (forcibly of course) by his vast country of churning humanity.

Sheer sweater with snap front parades Mao's visage and frantic graffiti motif. Yeah baby!

Let's segue into a kinder, more tasteful icon. Piet Mondrian.
Very serious chap, it appears.

 Panels in fierce primary hues.

Raspberry opaque hose. Merry, filagreed, grass green plastic flats.
We're giddy with spring. Mao and Mondrian? Not so much.

Thursday, March 24

Read Between the Lines.......

This dizzying frock is one of my faves.  Aware of the vast competition to be held in such esteem.
Impact of chaos has vast influence. Rock it!

 Chaotic is as chaotic does, let's toss in the newspaper tights and kick ass flats!

What's not to love?

Awwwww. Nice doggy.....

Gifted button bracelet on silk brocade. My watch is a bit Lilliputian however.

So staid today. Not at all menacing. It is really me?

Wednesday, March 23

Jail Escapee? You Betcha!

Where fore art moi? Tunneling out whilst attempting to preserve a pristine demeanor for ensemble's documentation! Quite the tough chore! Was I a cat burglar like Grace Kelly? Two reason the answer is negative..... have you looked at that female vision? My bijouterie inventory could span three lifetimes.
Dig it!
                     Ruby hued antique glass beads in this choker with imperial appeal.
                                         Nice dessicated bologna skin...........Rock on!

Miracles do happen having managed to divert dirt from this tiered, dusty rose and lace tunic.

Loved pleated detail, but, incongruously, it is placed on the back. No problem! Back becomes front!

Demure little plastique flats with cut out motif. Provident for swift distance achievement.

I'm forever hounded by the fashion police!

Saturday, March 19

March 7th.......Dig it!

Aerobically delinquent with regards to this composite. Heavens! Tardy it might be but I deem it boasts a clever alchemy. Dreamy bauble with double chain and demure ephemera necklace.

Despite my glut of black upper wear this gifted bodysuit's lace sleeves are simply sublime.

Wicked back. Wheeeee!

Adore this pencil skirt with ruched cream and black silk panel. Crestfallen it's so askew!
Bitchin' blue zebra print opaque hose.

Must top it off with a bit of dizzying, incongruous black and white houndstooth.
What am I if not unsettling? 

Tuesday, March 15

Wind.....And Then Additional Wind.......

I share much company in respect to the wind. Activates my inner wildebeest. I border on insanity. Well, even more so. This frisky day it's velocity took out my credit card machine, phone and computer. Wheeeee! Having checked the temperature and actually heeded it's prediction I donned this jacket in lieu of a tube top.

Nice plunging neckline. Dig it!

Coffee plaid, ravishing embroidery and sparkly red buttons. Awwwww.

Cranberry skinnys and dark red patent flats buttress me from the torment. But evidently not from Comcast..........Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Sunday, March 13

The Lecture That Wasn't.............

Had fervidly anticipated the lecture being held at 516 on the history of the Harvey Girls. Snuck out early in fact........Note to self, if you attempt a 10 minute destination in this town, leave 2 hours early. The miasmic traffic stew that transpired made it impossible to attend. I was crest fallen. I had dressed up for the occasion.........

Pale grey cotton sleeveless with cascading voile. It appears I slept in it.........
All tulle should brandish a modicum of butch dichotomy, hence black grommeted belt. Dig it!

Whats not to love regarding this peplum skirt's brilliant composition?

Gee,whatever could be next? Why those damnable black kitten heels! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Word of warning, next event requiring traversing Albuquerque, allot time equivalent to reaching Herzegovina! Rock on!

If Pleather Can Be Sexy.................

Advancing with yet another art piece by Kristin Diener, of infeasible aptitude, it flaunts coruscating flowers, pearls encased in eye glass lens bearing photo, a feather, remiss in lauding a thousand other things in this construction.

If pleather could mimic leather, this is sizably feasible. At a cost of ten dollars I'm going out on a limb here guessing a likelihood negative.  Damn clever proximity.

Hopefully my fetching houndstooth hose will deflect from these ubiquitous pumps! Comfortable and  keeping my petroleum based frock company. Wheeee!

Someone said my ensemble looked Italian.........Huh?

Tuesday, March 8

Who Doesn't Love Frank Gehry??????

Inexhaustible esteem for Frank Gehry's visionary brilliance. Every new structure usurping the last in cerebral genius.  

Expressing my reverence in this dress with mimicking esthetic.........Charcoal grey cotton bodice. Pearl bar accent.

The dichotomy of demureVictorian-esque shoe boots and hooker hose. Dig it!

Pleather is as pleather does in yet another redundantly boring outer piece. Cheesey it might be, but personally I think it's workin'. Rock on!