Thursday, March 31


Have surmised by now it's evident that the foundation of my wardrobe and character are not within the norm. Hence this arresting piece by Kris Mills, a kindred spirit in the normalcy department. Dig it! Kick ass hand beaded necklace. Vintage photo. I love Kris!
Somewhat of a segue but I know eventually I will spontaneously combust. Wheeeee!

Tame by comparison is the rest of this ensemble. I should be brandishing a red satin cap but incredulously one is absent from my inventory. We all recognize that it's imminent.
Knit tunic, the only thing relatively compelling are horizontal sleeves and back. ZZZZZZZ.
Providing vast scintillation is this Leifsdottir, satin double tiered charmer with dots. Striped trim. Yum.

Polka dot opaques and dainty little silver woven flats. For your sake Kris Mills saves the day!