Monday, March 31

The gasoline boot are back!

I think I smelled them before I contemplated them as part of my possible ensemble. Oh, these take "petroleum based" to a whole new level. Dig it!

The really oxidized stamped graduated silver necklaces I bought in the 70's when I lived up in Santa Fe. I won't entertain cleaning them. Squashed disc necklace by Richard Campiglio, pendant by Susan Skinner.

The best feature of this comfy little tedious frock are the pockets that sit on the hem. Yawn.

Sunday, March 30

Armless Rock n' 'Roller.................

Let me attempt to account for the fact that my arms are positioned in such a curious manner. I had these shoulder length pearl earrings I wanted to flaunt so I was holding my hair up to make them visible. Unfortunately they were to demure to be invisible so the look comes off more like I'm being strung by my thumbs at Guantanamo Bay. What's a girl to do? My plethora of pearls are front and center so they met with success.

I never really embraced Gun's and Roses but I loved their graphics and the fact that Axel Rose wore a kilt. Love a man in a kilt.

Burlap hued spotted trousers and my tawdry plastic stiletto boots and are shamelessly in tatters. I shroud them under pants as best I can. Seriously, pieces of them are shedding off as I'm walking down the street. I'm going to perform some surgery on them before euthanization becomes imminent. Hey, 15 years, $8.00 Ross boots. Feel the love.

Friday, March 28

Flying Squirrel Thursday............

        Wheeeeeeeee! How cool are they?  Just tooling around from tree to tree. It encouraged me to mimic them. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

In addition, what I term my "addition" tights. Idiot savant that I am, I'm good at adding and subtracting in my head. Calculator schaculator......

Ancient oblong scarf in groovy graphic motif. Good for camouflaging a billion wrinkles. Dig it!

Tuesday, March 25

Jiggy Secretary Tuesday

                                       I'm feeling the love for this wavy cardigan in gloriously odd hues.
                                                        Hot pink tank emanates a little sweater set. I my mind...........


Emerald and black striped pencil skirt. Kind of painted on. What a surprise............

Found these boots in my purple stack. I didn't even remember them. I think someone gave them to me.

     It's hard to imagine me doing shorthand or delivering coffee. Hard and never going to happen.....

Lace encased.......

             Fetching short sleeved lace blouse over pink camisole, I know, camisole, can you believe it?

                                   Skirt, lace over raspberry satin. So much lace, so little time.

                             Ancient felt shoes boasting red flowers and even a little green leaf.

                                               Kind of looking like a giant mantilla today.

                                                                           Dig it!

Monday, March 24

When More Isn't Nearly Enough.........

Timid start on the ensemble today. I boast this truly charming original designed hand silk screened t-shirt by Janet Hoelzel. Funds from their sales are donated to the Head Start program. We also have an exhibit of delightful art created by 3 and 4 year old students. Who doesn't love kids art?

But, not one to leave well enough alone, it get's more bizarre as we proceed south. This skirt is by this company named Desigual. Be prepared for schizophrenic mania! Dig it! I'm like a moth to a flame.

Woa, what's happening now? Do you need a mild anti-anxiety drug? A cocktail perhaps? Well, if you're not acclimated to my insanity by now, I think you've gotten on the wrong bus. Striped hose from Free Radicals, I love their hours, from 2 until 2. My Irregular Choice treasures, if these Alice in Wonderland shoe boots ever expire I'll need more therapy than I'm already getting. Wheeeee!

Friday, March 21

Also Exhumed.............

So here is the other sweater I unearthed. Score! Yeah, I kind of remember buying them years and years ago. This pale pink one emblazons a light brown star front and center. I am curiouser and curiouser as to how two very smart sweaters went M.I.A.


Little linen skirt with double pockets and tie belt. Obviously not exaggerating on the little. I love the way linen appears like you've been wallowing in it for a month the second you put it on. Makes this O.C.D. person very nervous. Dig it!

These same old floral hose that hold a special place in my heart. Uber pointy shoes with very regal detail.

I think Ivana Trump has these, or Liberace. I often get them mixed up.

Thursday, March 20

From the Depths........

Okay, so I'm donating a thousand running t-shirts from the 80's and 90's and what should I find at the bottom of one of the piles?  These two vastly clever cashmere sweaters. Not a bit like running gear. I don't know how they ever ended up there. Of course I had completely forgotten about them. Score! Smitten with the lilac and orange fusion.

The perfect compliment? This lilac voile floral skirt.

Coordinated. Don't get used to it, believe me.

Banishing my blazingly smart Vivienne Westwood triple strapped Mary Jane's. 

My Chihuahua Truman stopped by today to say hello. He's too bad to come to work. Bad, bad Truman. Mommie's favorite!

Wednesday, March 19

Faux Dolce and Gabbana Wednesday

This brilliant duo explode with talent producing every new season's collection. They promote the most provocative and titillating ad campaigns. You've never seen so many beautiful, barely clothed and oiled up people.

I lost my train of thought, I mean, I digress. I procured this dress that mimicked Dolce and Gabbana so precisely I practically got the vapors.

Boasting floral emblem and criss-crossing pearl pattern. Faux front exposed zipper. Red and black stretch lyra dress as blouse beneath. Well, maybe you don't see it, but I do.........

Adding a delicate accent of color is this slightly askew Wanda Lobito. Dig it!

A wise choice for this astute pairing are these perky lace-up wool plaid plats. No need to crawl to my car on hands and knees tonight folks!

Black and white at 75mph..........

Okay, I think the wind is on everyone's last nerve at this point. Oh, wait, I forgot it, last's about 4 months! Dig it!

Ancient Ross cardigan paired with pencil skirt featuring a ruched off white and black scribble design.

I bought this fetching striped blazer with peplum detail at Willow on a turbo shopping Saturday. Bought 5 things, spent $300. in 15 minutes. Wheeeee!

Red and sterling milagro multi-strand necklace by Wanda Lobito. Man, I can't refrain from visiting her case.............

Segue from the necklace, Poetic License tri-color pumps with red velvet tie. Red and red, get it. I'm so clever.

Love this however, Sunday

Always enamored with this sheer pale pink top that I team with racy black slip.

Doubled up on these magnificent necklaces by Kristin Deiner and I think Kristin Diener. Amnesia a bothersome thing.

Girlie swirl skirt with pink and black detail under black voile. What's not to love, I ask?

These patent leather pumps with criss-cross arch and thick heel aren't bad either. I can walk to my car instead of crawling on my knees. Wheeeeee!

Kinda loathe this Saturday...........

I make a lot of bad decisions when flying around trying to get a cohesive ensemble together. It fails miserably all too frequently. Take for example this rig. I adore the vintage blouse from Off Broadway. Silk with shoulder pads (dig it!) and rust and dark green pattern.

Not too taken with this skirt however or maybe it just doesn't photograph well, like me. Cream and rust houndstooth. Nor am I feeling the love for these off white opaque hose. Let's skip the shoes. Hey, Why did I bother?????? I think it was for the blouse's sake.