Friday, March 14

Circus tent dress as skirt, dig it!

Oh my dear, you're not going to be able to digest this fusion of dizzying mayhem.  It's a malady I don't seem capable of conquering. So here goes. If you are already feeling unwell I suggest you desist.

Let's begin with this cropped polyester (of course) jacket. Unbelievably my arms are not glued to my sides.

                     The turmoil ensues with this busy cropped sleeved tunic thingy. Dig it!

Here's my circus tent dress worn as a skirt. I've ceased to suffer it as a dress but I am kind of grooving on it's new incarnation.

Lest we forget the polka dot tights,  I mean "stop the madness!" Nausea is as nausea does. Wheeeeeee!