Wednesday, March 19

Faux Dolce and Gabbana Wednesday

This brilliant duo explode with talent producing every new season's collection. They promote the most provocative and titillating ad campaigns. You've never seen so many beautiful, barely clothed and oiled up people.

I lost my train of thought, I mean, I digress. I procured this dress that mimicked Dolce and Gabbana so precisely I practically got the vapors.

Boasting floral emblem and criss-crossing pearl pattern. Faux front exposed zipper. Red and black stretch lyra dress as blouse beneath. Well, maybe you don't see it, but I do.........

Adding a delicate accent of color is this slightly askew Wanda Lobito. Dig it!

A wise choice for this astute pairing are these perky lace-up wool plaid plats. No need to crawl to my car on hands and knees tonight folks!