Monday, March 24

When More Isn't Nearly Enough.........

Timid start on the ensemble today. I boast this truly charming original designed hand silk screened t-shirt by Janet Hoelzel. Funds from their sales are donated to the Head Start program. We also have an exhibit of delightful art created by 3 and 4 year old students. Who doesn't love kids art?

But, not one to leave well enough alone, it get's more bizarre as we proceed south. This skirt is by this company named Desigual. Be prepared for schizophrenic mania! Dig it! I'm like a moth to a flame.

Woa, what's happening now? Do you need a mild anti-anxiety drug? A cocktail perhaps? Well, if you're not acclimated to my insanity by now, I think you've gotten on the wrong bus. Striped hose from Free Radicals, I love their hours, from 2 until 2. My Irregular Choice treasures, if these Alice in Wonderland shoe boots ever expire I'll need more therapy than I'm already getting. Wheeeee!