Sunday, March 30

Armless Rock n' 'Roller.................

Let me attempt to account for the fact that my arms are positioned in such a curious manner. I had these shoulder length pearl earrings I wanted to flaunt so I was holding my hair up to make them visible. Unfortunately they were to demure to be invisible so the look comes off more like I'm being strung by my thumbs at Guantanamo Bay. What's a girl to do? My plethora of pearls are front and center so they met with success.

I never really embraced Gun's and Roses but I loved their graphics and the fact that Axel Rose wore a kilt. Love a man in a kilt.

Burlap hued spotted trousers and my tawdry plastic stiletto boots and are shamelessly in tatters. I shroud them under pants as best I can. Seriously, pieces of them are shedding off as I'm walking down the street. I'm going to perform some surgery on them before euthanization becomes imminent. Hey, 15 years, $8.00 Ross boots. Feel the love.