Thursday, June 30

Guerilla Schlepping..........

We're switching out shows with a vengeance. Everything must move, I mean everything.
We basically have four great shows opening tomorrow. Hope you can make the opening!
This is a necklace by Kris Mills that is very dear to me, as it features a Boston Terrier, I had two that are no longer with me, Thurber and Botero.

Wearing a pair of Oliver Twist shoes so I can scale great heights without shattering my spine! What a concept! Come to the opening tomorrow!


Wednesday, June 29

Damn I Love Diesel............

Although it looks like I've slept in this thing, this satin Diesel is sublime. Great attention to detail, a deep slit up the side that buttons. Straps that split  on the shoulders.
Gobs of Guads together in these three necklaces by Karan Sipe.
                                 Sensible sandals as we're rearranging the entire gallery. Pewter with rivets by Dolce Vita.
Diesel is great, the clothing line of course, not so much the gasoline.

Tuesday, June 28

Off the Wagon and On the Lawn............

Just when I was making some real progress with behaving, this weather caused me to be REALLY thirtsty and then kind of sleepy. Ancient pale green and pink dress that I had cut off into a blouse, triple layered gauzy hot pink skirt, a birthday gift from Millie.

These glamourous gems in green patent with peep toe and bows are super comfy but hard to negotiate rocks in. Thought I'd sit down before I fell down. (Actually, I did a little bit of both!)  

Vintage yellow handbag and straw chapeaux with curly feather. Fresh liquor. I promise to join AA or AAA or AARP REALLY soon! 

Monday, June 27

9:30 Meeting at Revered Artist's Studio, Early Much?

Went to one of our truly great artist's studio this morning. I tried to dress tres professional, I should have carried a briefcase and worn a monocle.  He offered to make us coffee but without Kahlua, what's the point?! Kensie silk dress and Kristin Diener pin worn as a necklace on Richard Cruz navajo pearls.

Grand wide silver belt from Peruvian Connection. Sits low on hips.I love it!

Black Suede platform studded shoes.So conservative I don't even know who I am!

Friday, June 24

All in the Family............

Tonight I'm having dinner with my brother and sister in law. They're birthdays are a week apart.

My sister-in-law Peg knitted me this sublime silk sweater with rolled neck and bottom for my birthday one year. They also gave me the necklace to go with it. (Me spoiled? never) Skirt with layers, the black layer is tulle.

Bottom of peach skirt and my fierce grey platforms. I like to tower over every one, it makes up for my brother  beating me up every day!

Thursday, June 23

Button It Baby........

This ancient glen plaid vest is super light,  I put the crazy buttons on it to jazz it up a bit. Pink cami underneath. Necklace by my very talented jeweler business partner Jen. Pin by Marcia Sednek.

These super wide legged silk pants in light blue with tan dots are by J. Peterman. I adore them and have had them for years. They might be considered "resort" pants, though I'll never go to one. I look hideous in a turban!

Adorable little Betty Boop shoes by Poetic License. Opened toed with leather bow. A superb summer
outfit. What do you think of the edgy ladder action?

Wednesday, June 22

It's so pleasant being a peasant...........

This cute little peasant frock was a gift from my pal Millie. It has a tee shirt top and mini floral patterned skirt with fabric flowers at the waist. Deedra Jarrel and Bernadette Caraveo necklaces.

Had to wear these these pewter patent flats as I've gotta schlep yak butter 8 miles as a yurt warming gift!

Tuesday, June 21

Tuesdays are for shrinkage, buying art and sweet potatoes

 Am wearing white jean jacket, cocoa colored cami and these white cotton capri pants.My bitchin' metallic pumps by Gabriella Rocha. Silver waterfall necklace by Richard Cruz.

Well, today has been a day of chores, EWWWWWWWW. First up, the shrink! She gave me another pass from Shutter Island, tune in next month! Then something fun, buying art and taking it home! This piece is by Jim Kopp. Wonder if my shrink would read something into this painting? Who cares!!!!! Oh yeah, we stopped and got some sweet potatoes on the way home. Stop the presses!

Saturday, June 18

Faux Leger and my First Diener................

Can't afford a REAL Leger so I got this across the street at Etiquette Boutique. Knit in various greys.

This was the first Kristin Diener I ever bought. It's got the back of a nude woman and her face is in the oval to the right. It's SO wonderful. I love the little touch of red in it too.

I received these sexy grey suede pumps from my friend Millie for a Xmas gift, she showers me with clothes and shoes and purses every Xmas and birthday. What a homie!

Friday, June 17

I Heart the Roaring Twenties

If you've had the pleasure of seeing "Midnight in Paris" it's a sublime experience of rich art, literature and decadence of the twenties in Paris. It was an amazing time,and the people that collected together have not been recaptured since.

Here's my tribute to the twenties, a red and pink blousey shift with black lace accents. Opera length fabric necklace from Anthropogie.

Not really 20"s shoes but cool none the less. Red Patent wedges. Put me in a time capsule and whisk me away!

Thursday, June 16

Many thanks Levi Strauss!

America has come up with some great things, Thanksgiving, the cotton gin, denim, hula hoops, and Neiman Marcus. This denim dress is from Bluefly.

Double Kris Mills, the choker is mine the other is for sale!
Chose these beautiful heels in blue with white flowers and grainy texture. P/S I was informed that Levi Strauss didn't invent denim.......whatever!

Monday, June 13

Bless the Dress to Unstress the Mess

Had to go deal with an insurance company I won't mention by name but it was NOT pleasant. Thank goodness I had on this dress by TOY  to keep me clam and collected.

This dress is like a crazy quilt, panels in weird sizes and juxtapositions.

When trying to drive a point home I like to do it in fierce shoes. Jessica Simpsons. Now I'm going to go punch a little bastard gecko in the face!

Sunday, June 12

Crocheting in Croatia.............

Whilst trading folklore stories with gypsies and roasting meat, we hung out in our little crochet claque and busily worked,secretly upstaging one another. My piece is almost completed! Amanda Augustine  aquamarine chunks and copper rose necklace.

Lace tee under gossamer empire waisted paisley top. J.Crew metallic floral skirt.

Blue green brocade flats from Anthropologie. Time to flip the meat and round up the goats!

Saturday, June 11

Somethins' Bugging Me...........

Thought I'd pull out my collection of bug pins, some are old, some contemporary. It's bug season you know, not so bad this year because of the global warming DROUGHT!

This new piece from Bluefly is great, another circus tent look.
Grey knit with scoop neck.
We're going to the movies tonight to see "Midnight in Paris" so I'm dressing down. Skinny jeans by Shape FX, they suck everything in! Naughty Jessica Simpson shoes, yes they ARE comfortable. Gotta go swat a annoying fly!

Friday, June 10

Purple Haze

Being choked with the smog from Arizona's terrible fires makes me feel like we'e living in the 1800's sans horse poop in the streets or sliding on tobacco spit. Poor Arizona, I feel so bad for them.

Dress gifted to me by Jen from Urban Outfitters, antique 
Taxco necklace that I picked up from an antique show.
Betsey Johnson velveteen wedges with big satin bows, and giant polka dots. Doesn't the red sun remind you of vampires and werewolves? 

Thursday, June 9

Bad Secretary.........

What a wicked little secretary I'd make. You want dictation? Do your own dictation. Black cami dressed up with 4 thousand opera length necklaces. Betsey Johnson high waisted pencil skirt with button detail.
Want me to walk and get you coffee? How about I walk across your back instead? Wicked open toed plats would be less painful than stiletos. Make your own damn copies!

Tuesday, June 7

Whatta Melon!!!!!!!

I took a field trip to a giant Smith's today,with Richard, so much food! My basket usually contains make-up, dog treats, club soda and hair dye. I had to score this mega melon. Ideeli dress, ancient straw hat that collapses for travel (WHATEVER!)

Darling little vintage light blue crocheted purse with pearl edge.

Fashion probation for wearing the same shoes in 5 days. Fabric wedges with little blue flowers.
The grocery scene is kind of hostile, why is everybody staring at me????