Sunday, June 5

Am Misbehavin"..............

Guess I got a little too happy Friday night at the opening. No matter that it was like Babylon in here. Still, the dolls must stay at home from now on. There was even some residual happiness left last night as I woke up this morning in my Edith Ann dress! Bad, bad, Lindsay Lohan!!!
ORANGE you ready for me to change the subject? Orange dress in tee shirt fabric by Graham and Spencer, Necklaces by Juli Cardozo and one gifted to me from Georgie,one sporting a Peggy Maloney pin (R.I.P.) As I'm in my contrition mode I'll be pounding back faux highballs and faux ciggies all day.

I call these my Carmen Miranda shoes, I don't know why, they don't have any fruit on them, just flowers. Better join MA, "Meds Anonymous"!