Monday, April 30

Moth Monday...........

Donned this jacket to commiserate with everyone about the ANNOYING moth situation.
Don't you want to squash me under your loafer? (Also could be a bat winged bowling shirt.)
Gauzy tiered skirt , can't really see how cool it is in real life. You'll just have to trust me!
Delicious Karan Sipe adorns this outfit. So luscious darling.

Mega pointy Carlos faux croc kitten heels. Could climb a wire fence in them!

Sunday, April 29

The Astroturf is Always Greener on the Other Side......

I ADORE astroturf, in fact I've covered a table with it and the arms of a recycled chair. This astroturf hued frock with embroidered front makes me want to roll in the prickly stuff.
Bejeweled in a necklace made by Jen that says "Respect Her" and the heart encasing a woman holding a cupcake. Other beaut with pink pearls and stars is by Susan Skinner.Dig the baked ham skin!
Stood on this floor art to jump start these boring pea green flats. ZZZZZZZZZZZ. Respect astroturf every day, it's good for the soul.

Saturday, April 28

Mirror, Mirror.........

Gorgeous tiered hand made mirror necklace by Susan Skinner I have the matching earrings, OF COURSE.

Grooviness ensues in this fab sheer dress by Nanette Lepore. Can't go wrong with Nanette.
Gee, pointy much? Faux croc sling backs in patent leather. Need your to do list written out, the points of my kicks can DO that for you!

Friday, April 27


Check out my kick ass Pop Art band-aid!


                         Peridot Guad and repurposed silver necklace trump up                          
this shift.
Playful frock beckons me to misbehave, I'm trying to contain myself, being at work and all.
These shoes mirror my favorite candy, Good-n-Plentys, but I've gotta be honest I think these shoes kind of suck.

Thursday, April 26

Rockin' Frockin' Thursday

Divine little frock gifted to me by Carla from her recent trip to San Francisco. Score!
Satin abstract wash with shoulder bow and tulip bottom. People are so good to me!
                      One needs fierce yellow patent platforms to do service to this dress. Shoes by Type Z ,dig it! 
         p/s Hold on to your hair, lacquer on the Final Net!
            It's blowing like crazy out there again!

Sunday, April 22

East Indian Aubergine.........

Nefertiti length micro pearl earrings by Amanda Augustine. Simplicity reigns (for a change!)
Two East Indian beauties compose these elaborate pins by Krisitn Diener .

Oh, this little thing, Diane Von Furstenberg aubergine knit shift with pockets, love the pockets.

Groovin' back action, split up to there! Bad, bad girl!

These Vivienne Westwood's majorly pack the fierceness; iridescent multi strapped platforms shout "make my frickin' day"........

Saturday, April 21

Bigger with Smaller

Sublime Laurette O'Neil necklace with gauzy blue, white and black micro leopard print. Metal triangle detail. Hmmmmmmm.
Better look at the cool cut of this blouse. Skirt is larger version of blouse. They didn't come together.
Skirt is horizontally pleated. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. hopefully something with some LIFE tomorrow.

Friday, April 20

The Pearl and the Oyster

Bejeweled in a couple of tres femme Karan Sipe's, they are in keeping with this today's gentler look.
Pink lacy tee over oyster hued cami, hence the pearl and the oyster.
Grey pencil skirt is fashioned with pink fabric under black lace. Dreamsville.
It works, right?
Strappy open toed ankle boots. Should I get a parasol? I don't think so......... 

Thursday, April 19

What Day Is It? What Time Is It?

Can't don blue & white without relishing the wearing of this blue and silver Krisin Diener.

She even does work on the back, this piece boasts and giant antique button. Kristin handmade the chain also. 
Bluefly sheer blouse and J. Crew skirt, pretty conservative for me, I must admit.
Terra Planta shoes from Ground and Vision (RIP), Lace up much? 

Wednesday, April 18

Coffee With My Best Friend............

One can't top a splendid morning outside with your dearest friend. The only thing that topped the weather was the company. So much fun! That's why I never miss a Wednesday. Enough of me, check out this unusual necklace by 
Renate Suhr with bezeled leather pendant.
Fifties look to this purple and mauve silk dress. Fifties, just like moi.
Ensemble punctuated by extremely comfortable black kitten heels by Carlos.
I love these ALMOST as much as Wednesdays!

Monday, April 16

Purple Rain (sans rain) Monday.......

Iridescent green pearls by Debra Colonna, good enough to eat.
This frothy zip front ribbed cotton blouse makes me feel like a swashbuckler.
Teamed with J.Crew sale paisley pencil skirt these two pieces should think about mating.

These accented Mary Jane wedges by Harlot ( no comment please) have a lot of strappy action going on on the heel. Enjoy the wind, the sun, the clouds, the wind, the sun, the clouds............

Sunday, April 15

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Personally not much of a scarf wearer but found this one thats as big and a picnic blanket so thought if it's BIG I'd have a better chance of figuring out what to do with it. And this is all I came up with!
Purchased this gorgeous jacket last year but was to lazy to get the sleeves altered so this is the first time I've worn it. Polished cotton and wool crepe, cut very much like somethinga contemporary Japanese designer would create.  J.Crew tweed skirt I got on sale.
Tie dyed hose and my ancient leopard pumps. Can we get some closure from these temps and this wind already??????

Saturday, April 14

Why Hello 65 mph Winds!!!!!!!!!!

This vintage Anthroplogie sweater bares this Marcia Sednek pin in a very strategic place today to cover up a damn moth hole!
Frothy detailed chartreuse sweater is a savage beauty front.......

And back.

Back of ruched sided Net a Porter dress. Net a Porter, now THOSE were the days!

Schizophrenic shoe boots, what do they want to be, a sandal or a boot? Who the hell cares...........

Friday, April 13

Gads More Cameos.........

One can never have too many cameos ( or anything else, as far as I'm concerned)
a collection amassed over the years, the cameo necklace gifted to me from Carla, the cameo itself is wearing jewelry!
 Gentle waves cascading down the front of this grey jacket.Pink polka dot top has Fitzwilliam Darcy sleeves. Coolio.
Grey skinny jeans with uber pointy pink and black faux snakeskin kitten heels. I think I look like Martha Washington today ( when she kinda dresses down).