Monday, December 28

Have A Nice Day.......Oh Please!

Bankrupt for time allotted for my blog. This photo is from December 11th! Though the grating banal ditty commanding you to "Have a nice day" might have gratefully run it's course, (supplanted by it's equally irritating interrogation, (How's your day going?) Must be an age thing, on both our parts. Segue into emblem for said "Have a". I might cringe at the sentiment but as this goofy, flaccid crew makes it doubly laughable. Dig it!

Slashed to ribbons accent exposing a grey and white tank perpetuate the grins.

Can neither discern or remember what trousers I'm parading (if they're skin tight are they still trousers? hmmmmmm). Let's just look forward to the footwear, shall we?

Silver woven flats with patent toe and bow. Black polka dot socks. Well read on the do's and don'ts of fashion etiquette, though obviously rarely adhered, I do know the breaking the line with the silver, lighter, hue make the leg appear shorter. So there's that.

Dessert served forth is this vintage delight from Off Broadway. Circa 40's and I've owned it for decades. Oh, the dichotomy of the smily faced gangster mol. Wheeeeeee!

Wednesday, December 23

In Public In This?????????????

Strumpet is as strumpet does in this ridiculously ribald ensemble......Suffice it to say, "Janet saves the day".  Gaggle of Janet Hoelzel's seriously fun necklaces. Gee, guess what? I own a plethora! Red cami eventually resonates to finalize the ludicrous.

More off course than ever are these remarkably frightening leggings. Impersonate giant microwave
currents. Dig it!

Adore the red patent plaid shoe boots. How could I possible complete the ghastly sans?

I deserve a proper flogging for this one. Wheeeeee!

Tuesday, December 22

Tudor Coolness..............

Vastly smitten with the posh fabrics I'm brandishing. Will forever conjure brocade with Tudor. Capture the grandeur in these opulent fabrics. Wee velveteen vest , black sequined shoulders. Presciousness. Precambrian grey boatneck with black yesteryear motif. This thing is a Danskin, are they still breathing? I surmise they are moribund, the word Danskin appears misspelled!

Barely discernable ruched back.

Passionately treasure this "Henry VIII" heavily embroidered cranberry and black skirt with exposed zipper. Sumptuous  pairing of these tights. Actually mimmic skirt. Curiouser and curiouser.

Punk must be infused to spark this up a pitch. Dark grey denim with padded, studded shoulders. Double zippered front. Huh? Digeth it!

Did you know tennis was termed the "Game of Kings" because lofty, guillotine happy, Henry VIII and  his like played tennis. I'm astounding that morbidly rotund beast could negotiate his side of the court. Court, get it? Wheeeeeeeee

Thursday, December 17

Tardy for the Party

Commerce usurps prompt attendance to a recent event. Name withheld to protect me. Fashionably (one endeavors) late (quite so)....... Gratefully, I arrived at the ass end of an indiscernibly enigmatic repast.
Attempting to spark a jot of interest in an otherwise disinteresting function, I donned this subtly scintillating ensemble.
Extoll in this blush hued, dolman sleeved, jacket with leather collar from the grandest vintage clothing store ever, OFF BROADWAY! Susan and entire cast are kittens.

Most fitting word for Kristin Diener's creations is triumphant. Relish this brilliant example of her artistry.

Yet another stellar garment from OFF BROADWAY is this treasure by Norma Kamali that I gleaned from an "eighties" 50% off sale. Killer!

The back. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Mermaid pencil skirt. Darkened the door yet again at the junior's department. Dig it!

Underwhelming kitten heeled pumps you've seen a quintillion times. 

Next up, a photo finish to the cotillion!

Monday, December 14

Muzzle Provident Sunday..............

Declaiming of some assemblage concoctions, when it rains it pours. Oh baby, this one's torrential! Often confess that once out of the gates, open season it is indeed. A sound start in this Boden blazer of grey on grey. Phoenix Forrester gem & stick pins baring their own interesting histories.

Heading off track in a hip skimming clingy dress. Accolades due for donning tights ( dark grey leopard, but still...) in preference to bare legs. Dig it!

Next up, a cage motif vest with gold sequence. This from "Net a Porter" yore.

Taking petroleum based accessories to a whole new level are these biker boots that actually reek of gasoline. Wheeeeeeee! They actually make me a jot self-conscious. I've tried leaving them on my porch for a week. Nothing. Now I just tell people with high olfactory sensibilities I just filled my tank.

Aspirin.........lots of aspirin.

Sunday, December 13

Kiss Me You Fool..............

Rather succinct documentation today. Sans jewelry, but the sweater holds it's own. Quite so.
Black boucle with huge smacker. I adore this piece. Dig it!

Relatively staid pencil skirt and my trusty red faux croc "Carlos" kitten pumps.

(Hmmmmmmmm, skirt not as staid as I recalled. Wheeeee!)

Kiss me you fool.................

Saturday, December 12

Victorian Shop & Stroll............

Though trying mightily to cleanse the memory of that event from my psyche, went at bit out of character for the event. I've recently purchased these laughably ridiculous coats that pompously reek of Victorian overabundance. Like going to a pot-luck at the Romanovs.

Fabric is sublime, even the corseting element, but hey, who in their right mind needs a bustle? Oh please...............

Timid cheesy glam in this three strand necklace of sparkling spheres. Yawn.

Ardently attempted to look sophisticated, and clothed, for once.

Whole ensemble. I hazard most people failed to recognize me from the back. Dig it!

Partial to the Miu Miu (Prada's cheap line) grey patent oxford plats and the peacock feather detail on a coveted skirt.

Delicacy is an out of body experience for me. 
Rock on!

Wednesday, December 9

Mirth? Bring It On!!!!!!!!!


IMMINENCE OF WINTER...............


MILES OF SMILES..............