Monday, December 28

Have A Nice Day.......Oh Please!

Bankrupt for time allotted for my blog. This photo is from December 11th! Though the grating banal ditty commanding you to "Have a nice day" might have gratefully run it's course, (supplanted by it's equally irritating interrogation, (How's your day going?) Must be an age thing, on both our parts. Segue into emblem for said "Have a". I might cringe at the sentiment but as this goofy, flaccid crew makes it doubly laughable. Dig it!

Slashed to ribbons accent exposing a grey and white tank perpetuate the grins.

Can neither discern or remember what trousers I'm parading (if they're skin tight are they still trousers? hmmmmmm). Let's just look forward to the footwear, shall we?

Silver woven flats with patent toe and bow. Black polka dot socks. Well read on the do's and don'ts of fashion etiquette, though obviously rarely adhered, I do know the breaking the line with the silver, lighter, hue make the leg appear shorter. So there's that.

Dessert served forth is this vintage delight from Off Broadway. Circa 40's and I've owned it for decades. Oh, the dichotomy of the smily faced gangster mol. Wheeeeeee!