Saturday, December 12

Victorian Shop & Stroll............

Though trying mightily to cleanse the memory of that event from my psyche, went at bit out of character for the event. I've recently purchased these laughably ridiculous coats that pompously reek of Victorian overabundance. Like going to a pot-luck at the Romanovs.

Fabric is sublime, even the corseting element, but hey, who in their right mind needs a bustle? Oh please...............

Timid cheesy glam in this three strand necklace of sparkling spheres. Yawn.

Ardently attempted to look sophisticated, and clothed, for once.

Whole ensemble. I hazard most people failed to recognize me from the back. Dig it!

Partial to the Miu Miu (Prada's cheap line) grey patent oxford plats and the peacock feather detail on a coveted skirt.

Delicacy is an out of body experience for me. 
Rock on!