Monday, December 14

Muzzle Provident Sunday..............

Declaiming of some assemblage concoctions, when it rains it pours. Oh baby, this one's torrential! Often confess that once out of the gates, open season it is indeed. A sound start in this Boden blazer of grey on grey. Phoenix Forrester gem & stick pins baring their own interesting histories.

Heading off track in a hip skimming clingy dress. Accolades due for donning tights ( dark grey leopard, but still...) in preference to bare legs. Dig it!

Next up, a cage motif vest with gold sequence. This from "Net a Porter" yore.

Taking petroleum based accessories to a whole new level are these biker boots that actually reek of gasoline. Wheeeeeeee! They actually make me a jot self-conscious. I've tried leaving them on my porch for a week. Nothing. Now I just tell people with high olfactory sensibilities I just filled my tank.

Aspirin.........lots of aspirin.