Sunday, December 6

Let It Snow.....

Remember moi? The miasmic tempest of this week past has had me tied to the bare necessities. What a bore!! My dog Wilkie will bear witness that I have not been in jail or rehab. Let's carry on to an outstanding ensemble. Both rich pieces are from my Net-A-Porter days of yore. Now I'm a well donned mendicant. Dig it!

Debra Colonna's dark iris irregular fresh water pearls, cascading from had made chain. 

I've spoken with frequency of my Leifsdottir treasures but have never previously married this duo. For shame.......

Navy knit with ruffles and polka dots.
Cheesiness is a cheesiness does in skinny belt department. Wheeeeeeee!

Leifsdottir circle skirt, heavy polished cotton, resonates the navy with white random snow. Beatific.

Navy wool cable leggings. Moot to mention as they're invisible. Wheeeee!

Don't put much stock in gleaning Haute Couture from Savers. If they can find a Jackson Pollack at the Goodwill; luck might be in the stars. Wheeeeeeee!