Monday, September 28

Wrench My Heart From It's Cavity.........

  Remiss but with a sound alibi, I've been dressing down! Illegedly, I was going to paint the floor in the front window, but as yet had the time. I've suffered running shoes, bad tops, ugly jeans, sans jewelry. My soul has been Hoovered from my human shell, wrung like a mop head. I could bear it no more.........rebounded, with aerobic mirth in a best loveded dress. Clever color palette of tomato and rose pink silk with black lace applique.


                                           Tres fem black on black dot hose.

Trio of delicate necklaces by Maria Huang Levy.  Soda can flower earrings by Josephine Darling. I feel alive once more. Wheeeeeeeee!

Zullily order update. It seems my apparel is "lost at sea". Dig it! They guaranteed they will cross the finish line before the turn of the century, or my money back! I suspect they have yet to prepare the petroleum to create these gems. Forewarned in forearmed.

Friday, September 25

My Boundless Absurdity..............

Vastly similar to a runaway train, once inaugurated, my run amuck sense of style gains speed. Embarking with this clever Egyptian eye sweater with distressed ( torn ) accents, you're hoodwinked into assuming this is the apex of my sass for the day. Let's collectively bray with laughter.

First I donned the tights,  even contemplating wearing them without additional reinforcement. 

My gorilla skirt comes to the rescue! I love this frisky little piece! Detail of said friskiness.

Enter stage left the aforementioned tights. Aggressive black and white checks.

My staid, standby, kitten heeled pumps quailed, "don't get me involved in this mayhem!"

Thursday, September 24

Imprisoned. Dig it!

Imminent the fashion police will toss a net and trawl me in. Judicious and long postponed. My dear pal Molly and astutely creative artist, bases a majority of her work on incarceration. She loves Alcatraz and visits it every time she goes to San Francisco. Incongruously enough, they must have a gift shop! She's bought me two tees from there. I wore this one to the bank! Wheeeeee!

Midi striped skirt and sale shoe boots complete my nefarious look of the day. Ankle socks, so sexy.

Carol Wares crushed aluminum choker is a grand compliment to the neckline of this cherished tee.
Who's up for a little boat ride to such a notoriously compelling fun house????

Mommie doing time doesn't diminish Wilkie's appetite. Righteous!

Wednesday, September 23

Red, black, grey, dark grey, spots, Wheeeeeeeeee!

Inevitably, what begins as 60 degrees in the morning balloons to 300 degrees by mid-day. Cloaked in 70 layers, even I hazarded to strip down to my slip, under bralette for comforts sake. For fashions sake, I endured, cranking the air condition up to a brisk Arctic clime. Dig it! Grey on grey striped cotton tunic.

Bevy of religious iconography did nothing to dispel my warm fuzzy feeling.

Love my Brawny paper towel trousers. 

Wait, it's get's better. Snuggle up in a cardigan! Grey with red dots, reversed interior. I finally resume climate comfort, be it 3 o'clock in the morning. Dig it!

Tuesday, September 22

Crochet, and Then Some More Crochet

Let's begin with my cheesy is as cheesy does gaudy, sparkly, bowy, over-the top trinket from Kohls. A given they're all real diamonds, grave mis-marked error on they're part. Only $7.99 They've cheated themselves out of vast millions!

Comely hue chemistry betwixt these two crocheted garments. Faint peach beneath a handsome dark grey. Sales-ville on both of these treasures. Score!

Somber gray skinny jeans and my delicate pearl bejeweled flats. I'm somber, I'm staid, I'm not myself........

Monday, September 21

Neckline to Infinity..........

A lot to love regarding this black strapped sleeveless silk tunic in dove grey. Cleavage (huh?) accenting triple layers, rippling below black grosgrain empire waist.

Riveted by my silk skirt boasting diamond and square metal accents. Obviously I forgot "Casual
Friday" was on Friday.

Demure Victorian inspired necklace. Onyx, moonstone and pearl ambrosia. Sear me with hot pokers. I disremember the artist.

Sparkly silver princess flats. Pics courtesy of the "Believe It Or Not" Museum. Wheeeeee!

Sunday, September 20

Mint and Mocha Saturday...........

Sadly, Philio is out of town. How self-indulgent of me! He's with his family, but, hey, what about my needs? This fresh procurement beckons to be recognized.  Donating yet more plasma, this zesty frock came from Zulily. It's a new site I've been infrequenting. They have cool bounty, but setbacks. Eternal delivery. All sales final. Prickly, quite. Lamb soft, I feel jammie-esques once more. Ruched side.
                                                Extra points for knee skimming hem. Dig it!

Devour this cacophonous Betsey Johnson. More is more. Wheeee! Triple chain, skull, pearls, camera, bows, rhinestone eye, lipstick, movie clap board......Jesus, I think she missed something. Hold the phone.....not really!  More is as more does in this effusive plethora of elastic strung pearls. Fun, enchanting, and perfect for camouflaging a bruise. Wheeee!


       Centuries old fabric cheetah print kitten pumps from Relish, the first incarnation. Ample fit at this point.

                                     Joker quote of the day.................



Friday, September 18

Wish it was a Missoni Monday............

Missoni's resplendent perfume is the only article I'll ever have the honor of donning. One can dream, can't one? And fake it as well. I don't recall, when purchased several years past, the cleavage exposing neckline being quite so vast.  Though gently laundered, I've yet another that seems to be suffering this extreme southbound propensity.

Enchanting opera length, sacred heart locket by Susan Skinner with wee beguiling charms. Hey! I look rather orthodox today as well. Contrition for the very arresting (jail) raspberry chaos.

Staid, for me..............

A modicum of classic persona I flaunt this day. Whatever came over me to be so tame? Perhaps an important meeting.......Brilliant bijouterie by Kristin Diener. A cornucopia of rhinestones, eyeglass encompassing vintage photo, feather, handmade chain and quintillion gems. I'm filled with joy I've hoarded such a mass of Kristin's genius.

This belt, divulging gold plated feather and mushroom hued snakeskin I've revered since purchasing it in the 70's. Yes, so much revered I hadn't seen it in at least 3 decades. Dig it!

Knee skimming length might pose a problem combating the vapors you'll suffer from shock.
Nifty petroleum based pointed toe faux patents. Yes, I most definitely must have had a meeting that day.............

Airbrushed Raspberry, Dig it!

  You've no recourse but to suffer this age inappropriate ensemble. Consider this grisly? I was going to go sans tights! I should be arrested. Institution venue is up for grabs. Lattice sleeved lycra number. Frisky patent belt parading funky graphics. Variegated capri tights. Righteous reptile plats.

Sparing you weathering this entire ensemble,  pin is all you're faced to stomach. Blazer from days of yore. Monolithic metal flower pin by Hollie Ambrose. 

                                                         Weep for me, you've every right.

Saturday, September 12

Miles of Smiles..............


THE STATE FAIR.............

DRIVING STICK............


Two pieces, of course, odder that odd pin with protruding tongue. Wee antique spoon on opera length chain. Artists? Enigmas-ville. Dig it!

Exalt in this edgy, punker choker by Erin Dengler.

I love it.  It's cunning. I remembered the artist. Wheeeeee!