Thursday, September 10

Enjoy The Lore Folks............

Joined friend Janet to delight in the Folklore Exhibit that just opened at the Albuquerque Museum. I certainly have been dating Janet frequently of late. She's highly entertaining, hence. A smidge of decorum would have been sage considering there was a plethora of rigid, sad looking people. Bonnet donning females. Gad.

 What do I brandish? This fierce tunic with slashed cross looking motif. Vertical tights. Perfect! I was attempting to raise the spirits of these stiff, vehemently glum, rabble.

Prolonging my indulgence of show and Janet I got progressively more tardy. Heavens! I had to sprint
back to my car, parked on the streets of Old Town. The poor snap shooting souls that I blazed through were hoping I wasn't the norm they were destined to incur throughout Albuquerque!

Had to detail more of the disturbing garishness with which I tormented these innocent tourists. Wheeeeee!

Sublime detail of frisky shoes.

Sublime detail of frisky tights. Visitors beware. Forewarned is forearmed. Dig it!