Thursday, September 24

Imprisoned. Dig it!

Imminent the fashion police will toss a net and trawl me in. Judicious and long postponed. My dear pal Molly and astutely creative artist, bases a majority of her work on incarceration. She loves Alcatraz and visits it every time she goes to San Francisco. Incongruously enough, they must have a gift shop! She's bought me two tees from there. I wore this one to the bank! Wheeeeee!

Midi striped skirt and sale shoe boots complete my nefarious look of the day. Ankle socks, so sexy.

Carol Wares crushed aluminum choker is a grand compliment to the neckline of this cherished tee.
Who's up for a little boat ride to such a notoriously compelling fun house????

Mommie doing time doesn't diminish Wilkie's appetite. Righteous!