Monday, September 28

Wrench My Heart From It's Cavity.........

  Remiss but with a sound alibi, I've been dressing down! Illegedly, I was going to paint the floor in the front window, but as yet had the time. I've suffered running shoes, bad tops, ugly jeans, sans jewelry. My soul has been Hoovered from my human shell, wrung like a mop head. I could bear it no more.........rebounded, with aerobic mirth in a best loveded dress. Clever color palette of tomato and rose pink silk with black lace applique.


                                           Tres fem black on black dot hose.

Trio of delicate necklaces by Maria Huang Levy.  Soda can flower earrings by Josephine Darling. I feel alive once more. Wheeeeeeeee!

Zullily order update. It seems my apparel is "lost at sea". Dig it! They guaranteed they will cross the finish line before the turn of the century, or my money back! I suspect they have yet to prepare the petroleum to create these gems. Forewarned in forearmed.