Friday, August 31


Bountiful detail in this crepe sleeveless tank with brass studs. There are all kinds of threads 
hanging off of the little brass thingys but I'm afraid to cut them lest this whole thing disintegrates.

Brass Art Nouveau repurposed necklace by Karan Sipe is a delicious compliment to this top. No?

Poly leopard mini pencil, the colors look like they match much better than they do....... lazy girl, more like frantic, 5 minutes to dress, remember?
Classy and expensive pumps gleaned from Carla Carter. Italian, she only buys they best. Oh, I remember those days, LONG past..........

Thursday, August 30

All I Need Is A Mann..........

Boasting three Thomas Mann relics from my mass jewelry inventory, they're themes have nostalgic vintage photos and other ephemera. 

Collared pinstripe cotton vest from long ago. Dig it!

Great Leiffsdotter skirt has a vast amount of groovy detail. Triple layered waist, cascading pleated ruffles at mysterious angles, exposed zipper.
Part gangster, part salsa dancer. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Monday, August 27

See what $16.99 can buy???????

                  This is the only piece of polymer clay jewelry I own and I love it. Silly, like me.

My new favorite website is called Ideeli and they have daily sales, I always go for the things that start at the lowest price, and $60.00 is my limit. I USED to shop at Neiman Marcus but now I can't afford to buy a box of Godiva chocolates from there anymore. Times be rough, but I like to look good.

 I bought these online too, they're by Chelsea Crew and they're a bitchin' shoe. 
Oh, I wax poetic........

Sunday, August 26

I swear, this is a different one.............

I know, I have seventy-five other dresses that look like this but it IS a different one. Can't you tell by it being 4" long? Well, on second thought, they're all that long.........

Hey, a couple of things, I never did find that skirt I was looking for. Maybe it's at the dry cleaners. And speaking of which, I could really use one of those dry cleaning carousels to keep track of the ole' inventory. And the other thing is "May the force be with you" is from Star Wars not Star Trek, but I claim innocence because I don't know either one.

These S & M sandals by Type Z shout I'm a really bad girl.
Swoosh, crack goes the whip...........

Saturday, August 25

Star Trek Saturday.............

             Capturing the true essence of the Trekkie vibe is this Calvin Klein mega zippered black dress.

With black grommet belt.

Need your lawn aerated? Invite me over in these beasts! Type Z platforms with pyramid shaped studs. Totally killer! May the force be with your ass!

Friday, August 24

Fashion Seizure................

 This is the only sensible part of this outfit. Peridot, quartz and copper rose necklace by Amanda Augustine.

Okay, let me try to explain. I really had something entirely different in mind to wear but couldn't find the skirt and since I give myself 15 minutes to get ready in the morning I had to settle for this frightening duo. Yikes!

The J. Crew pencil skirt is in a gilt brocade fabric so thought (in 30 seconds)
to don these little gold snakeskin sandals. Better luck next time.

Thursday, August 23

Gunny Sack Thursday............

Repeat performance of the lava spheres choker by Laurette O'Neil. My guess is the she didn't glean it in it's molten state.

Striped sack frock by BCBG and what's my fave part? HUGE POCKETS!

And yet again these bold striped petroleum based kicks with wide elastic band and white button.

On the subject of shoes, I must do justice to these AMAZING structural pumps by Jessica Simpson.
The other day's pic didn't do them justice. PHENOMENAL!
Dig it!
  Even I was a little agape when I purchased these numbers!

Wednesday, August 22

Marie Antoinette's a Bad Girl..............

Boasting her yard high cotton candy hair and over thinking her wardrobe every day (who's THAT sound like?) She tended to wear an uber frothy look. It didn't bode well with the little people.
Channeling my inner Marie Antoinette, (she was kind of the boss lady of more is more). Simple little necklace by Karan Sipe.

Jen gifted me this empire waisted dress with a peacock like print and ruffle hem. J. Peterman lace over piece. Check out the magnificent detail.

I adore this.

Marie would have rocked these Vivienne Westwood's.
When she said "Let them eat Stouffers", that got on the masses last nerve. Head detached from frilly frock ensued. I think they ended up playing rugby with it.

Monday, August 20

Sponge Bob Square Dress.............

Designer Calvin Klein did a line of dresses like this and I'm wearing a cheapo knock off. Anyway it is SOOOOOOOO yesteryear. Lace over yellow silk with black rimmed neck and waist. Grey tweed skirt.

          Exposed black zipper. I LOVE this treatment!


Gaggle of bulky gold vermeil chains. If the were real gold my neck would be worth more than my house................

I think these Mary Jane pumps are from 1980. They would probably not have survived this long had it not been for my raging O.C.D. Every pair of shoes have to be polished,have the tissue put back in the toes and stored in their boxes. What a freak! NOW you know why I'm on medication!

Sunday, August 19

Old Navy...............

Jumble of stacked Susan Skinner's I've had for an age. Much wonderful and diverse bead action.

                             This little navy striped frock is perfect for this                  devilish climate.

 I put this  striped grosgrain ribbon on the waist, it's from a J. Peterman skirt. I never wore it on there as I thought it looked really stupid.Probably looks stupid on this too..........Do I care? I think not.

Don't get me started on these Antropolgie shoes. Despite their gorgeous gilt brocade they are so pointy I almost killed myself tripping on the stairs, the toe got caught on the step above. Nothing like a near fashion fatality to get the old ticker pumping!

Saturday, August 18

Toga Party Sans Grape Leaves............

Can't pass on a good toga party............
This draped mini ribbed dress is what I'd wear should I be invited to a fraternity party. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Bitchin' back action. Where's the kegger?

Hand forged silver chains by Dorothy Lorentzen and mystery guest? It's anathema that I've forgotten the artist.

Featuring I pair of my favorites once again! Good thing there's titanium in here these days, I'm gonna need it for my hip replacement!

Friday, August 17

Abstract Thinking Friday..........

               Marvy punk necklace by Erin Dengler. Mirror, reflector and rough glass. Dig it!

Toad Road abstract silk jumper with uber plunging neckline. Also has amazing detail, i.e. buckle tabs on the upper bodice and mammoth pleated pockets with buttons.
This is the most sensational part of this jumper, single fabric strap the meets an elastic waist and L O W sweeping back.
Spiga wedges. I love this outfit, it's SO naked!