Wednesday, August 22

Marie Antoinette's a Bad Girl..............

Boasting her yard high cotton candy hair and over thinking her wardrobe every day (who's THAT sound like?) She tended to wear an uber frothy look. It didn't bode well with the little people.
Channeling my inner Marie Antoinette, (she was kind of the boss lady of more is more). Simple little necklace by Karan Sipe.

Jen gifted me this empire waisted dress with a peacock like print and ruffle hem. J. Peterman lace over piece. Check out the magnificent detail.

I adore this.

Marie would have rocked these Vivienne Westwood's.
When she said "Let them eat Stouffers", that got on the masses last nerve. Head detached from frilly frock ensued. I think they ended up playing rugby with it.