Saturday, June 30

Chanel chain............

Mega necklace by Susan Skinner with beaded petals and reflector center. Black plastic chain is vintage Chanel!

Multi-gored grey knit dress, I fell kinda like I should be in the Ice Capades.

Dark green patent J Lo pumps.Happy Gay Pride Day!

Friday, June 29

Josephine Bonaparte in some abstract action.......

Swish patterned empire waist shift with pockets.Josephine would look pretty hot in this. Wheeeeeeeeee!
Lovely pumps by Nine West. I wonder how long it will be before they turn cruel and I'll want to saw my feet off. Tick tock, tick tock........

Thursday, June 28


It's only a thousand degrees outside and I grab this Calvin Klein shift that I swear is made out of parka material! Smart move dumb ass! Ancient red belt.

                 Butterfly pin by Hollie Ambrose, gigantic! Dig it!

BCBG platform sandals. Hope my dress doesn't melt down my legs!

Wednesday, June 27

Heidi Ho!

I really don't remember what Heidi's story was.Did she roll down a hill?carry buckets of milk? sing her face off in the Alps? seek out a unicorn? I was too lazy to research the story. Gorgeous little halter dress with layered gauzy cotton fabric and contrasting striped edging.
                            Luscious peridot, copper and quartz necklace by Amanda Augustine.

Call these my Carmen Miranda wedges even though they don't have any fruit on them. Sue me. Hope Heidi finds her unicorn!

Sunday, June 24

I Heart Diane Von Furstenberg

I adore Catholic iconography so special ordered this double necklace by Karan Sipe.
Holy cow.........

I have to wear this dress backwards because I have no bust! Diane Von Furstenberg invented the wrap dress and it's still as popular today as it's inception in the 70's.
Here's the back that's really the front.

Gianni Bini plat pumps are a bit secretary-esque but they are comfortable and make me tall. Wheeeeeeee!
I love it when friends drop by on Sunday! 

Saturday, June 23


WhenI was a girl I wanted to join the Brownies and they said they were full. When are the Brownie's full??? I think they sensed trouble. Sheer frock with elastic waist and pockets.

This Kara Sipe is the perfect compliment to this lace detail. The Brownie's didn't know what they were missing.

Friday, June 22

BP oil spill Friday........

Adore this gold vermeil necklace by Ann Taylor.

This fabric reminds me of something that covered Louisiana, Texas, and other southern states. Thanks BP.
Thought you needed a palette cleanser after yesterdays lurid outfit. Richard and I went out to dinner. I'm sure everybody in the restaurant thought he was paying me by the hour! Old hookers for old men, what a cottage industry!
Fierce gladiator wedges by Frye, and here I thought they only did boots. Maybe this is the only pair of shoes they ever did. Who knows, who cares.

Thursday, June 21

Uber Tramp.........

The original tramp was Charlie Chaplin. He had a little more clothing on than me.

AMAZING amber pin by Judy Perlman. You could generate your own dinosaur off this baby.
Stretch jersey front and back panels with suspender shoulders, could it BE any shorter? I think not......
Zipper runs all the way to the hem. Dig it!
Ruched silk panels on the side. Love the detail in this dress.

"Go to" silver sandals by Calvin Klein. Think I'll get arrested in this rig? Probably......

Wednesday, June 20

Jiggyosity ensues...........

Sumptuous satin bra like action on the blouse top, chartreuse and purple silk patterned bodice. LOVE it!

                               Kudos to the satin's detail in the back.

Uber paisley J. Crew pencil skirt brings back fond memories of ye olde acid trips of yore.

Amazing plats by Type Z. Do I care they don't exactly match the color scheme? I think not.......

Monday, June 18

Mixed and Not Matched........

I was gifted this beautiful cascading necklace by a dear friend.
This calamitous pairing of peach and blue spaghetti strapped silk top and Leifsdotter layered heavy silk skirt makes for a turbulent Monday. Try to concentrate on one area to keep from spiraling.
Adore these blue metallic sandals by Biviel, I wish I had them in 18 colors but alas I only own this single pair. What fortitude!!!

Sunday, June 17

Have Got To Hand It To You............

Superb piece by Bernadette Caraveo strung on an opera length pearls wrapped twice and threaded through the pendant.

Jiggy zig zag dress with exposed front zipper. This dress pattern is kind of the way I think..........
Smocked elastic on dress back. Hey, Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 16

Rosie the Riveter

How beautiful is this vintage Taxco necklace I gleaned from an antique show at the Fairgrounds?

Riveted belt cinches this gossamer dress.

Sheer frock with little pockets fends off the climes.
Richard Tyler platform faux croc sandals are so comfy I have them in three colors (of course). I'm certain the others will make their debut immanently!

Friday, June 15


Satin seems to be the theme these days, old frock from Neiman Marcus. Pockets! and ancient green reptile belt.
Stunning milagro necklace by Wanda Lobito, stands out on my dessiccated flesh.
Another pair of fierce plats, these by Marc Jacobs. Am enjoying the rarified air, it's cooler up here!

Thursday, June 14

Cynthia Rowley Thursday

            Sporting some bedazzled gems by Karan Sipe strikes an               imperial tone.
Cynthia Rowley summery dress in heavy silk, sublime cut.
This vintage pearl encrusted belt from Phoenix Forrester jolts this frock up a notch.

Cheerful cherry patent wedges say, "let's have a mojito to stay cool!"