Thursday, July 31

Redux again and again............

Was apprised of the fact that pie bald references a pattern of black and white first in the dictionary (what's that?) One usually thinks of it as a term for horses. Just thought I'd share that little tidbit with you what with my perpetual pie bald persona. Wheeee!

                                                 I extol in my breathtaking opera length sterling silver necklace gifted to me by Janet Hoelzel. It is an exemplary and astonishing art piece. Every link is another creative masterpiece. What a treasure. Beneath black tee with crosses. Andy Warhol lives on is this Campbell soup can pencil skirt. Bring on some of that sodium saturated goodness. Dig it!

                                                                   Boca baby!
"Clearance" overode sense in this particular purchase. It was an ungodly store. I was only pressured to enter by my fellow shop-a-holic friend observing a mammoth sale sign. Heavy cotton emblazoned with these gaudy sequined flowers. Oh please. Have I unloaded it after 10 years? What's wrong with me. Do however fancy my textured floral skinny trousers.

                 I hear the Country Club calling. Time for my cut throat bridge game. Dig it!

Saturday, July 26

What the ?????????????

You've surmised at this stage I have no concept of reality when it comes to my age and my gauche strumpet clothing. Well, this one will really give you pause.

Initially tame, this cloth choker by Alison Frank is smart and employs just the right amount of color.
Dig it!

Forewarned is forearmed. When will I learn? When will I accept? My closest friend and I always hit the junior department first when shopping. We've realize we'll be draping clothes over our walkers soon. It's inevitable, it's a given. Lycra mini with sheer dotted shoulders to sternum. Ewwwwwww.

Back's endless sheerness, will make you cover your eyes. Wheeeeee! Let's all be embarrassed for me, shall we?


Friday, July 25

Yikes Stripes!

In a lapse of commerce yesterday I decided to go into the bathroom and proceed giving myself a haircut.  A task better suited for home, with wet hair...... I digress, thankfully no one came in or I would have had to come out and attend people with one side of my hair 3" shorter than the other side. Dig it!

I generally crop my overpopulous mop out of the photos anyway. Very disturbing stuff.

Encircling my neck is an ingenious piece by artist Cynthia Cook. Vivid domed tin strung on repurposed hosiery!

Pin striped silk top baring clever bodice treatment. Those are some skinny jeans miss!

These sequined navy flats with white flowers don't get out much. Quite a quandary when you consider I wear about a thousand different patterns on any given day. Curiouser and curiouser........

                                                          Nice bologna feet. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, July 23

In Da House..............

These pics were shot in my opium den, worry not, I just call it that because it is of an Asian theme. Sounds a modicum more lively than my Asian room.


My doppelganger. Dig it!

                                                               Pink pearl and chrysoprase necklace by Susan Skinner.

Featuring dual photos of my frilly silk top to give you a 
second look at opium den interior.

A refreshing look at my skirt with panels of pink and peacock blues and green. Shall we recline?

Let's loot this place!

Tuesday, July 22

Trifecta catch up........

Oh my, where have I been of late? Remiss is a excuse I must perpetually use.

                                                            Shades of Gray..........
Not one to immerse myself in such tawdry sleaze, I hear it's a great hit with my age demographic however. How pathetic!  Gray on gray knit dress with clever shoulder treatment.

If one can imagine, this is a "mini Diener" (and a kind of crooked one me).

So tragic that you're back.

Cocktail Party Sunday.......

So I'm meeting a friend for her birthday and donned this dress as it was a gift from her.

                  Then I found this pin I hadn't worn forever and thought "hmmmmmm, this might be fun".

Hey, why stop now, let's take it up another notch with some sparkly shoes. Dig it! I was going to put my hair up because I was so hot, but to pull off that would surely need me brandishing a cocktail. Hey, why not? Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

                                                   If I Designed Women's Prison Wear.........

The big orange jumpsuit is a travesty to women and fashion. How can you feel good about yourself in that thing?

                                     What I would do is take it retro, bring back the stripes.

My vision would be to give it some accents that would be figure slimming. Every woman wants that.

Nothing slims the legs like vertical stripes.

                            I don't think I could get the jewelry idea would get past the board however..............

                                         Martha Stewart would have rocked this look!

Sunday, July 13

Hi there!

  I'm going to try to update this today, I have a sizable amount to ensembles to post. I might slam them all on the same page! Dig it!

Here's the skinny with major markdowns..... Final sale, no returns! I'm on the fence about this dress. It's gauche and flaccid, so it's got that going for it. I smell donation!

                                                               "Agent Orange"
Orange is as orange does in this tunic with floral panel and lace sides. Hence the side view. Dig it!

                      Festive vintage bauble necklace from "Off Broadway". Girth of beads smacks of  Wilma Flintstone. Yeah baby!

Desigual designs are all over the place. Frenzied multi-patterned panels, irregular hems. Well, of course I'm smitten with this line. Very tame skirt for Desigual.

Orange is the new black, after all.

                                                                 "Maximum Thursday"
The marvel of this hippie dress is trying to determine what is the front and what is the back on my Ruben-esque figure. Dig it! I'm not divulging.

"Zigging and Zagging Saturday"

              Brass chain and textured sterling circle necklace by Heather Hanley. Okay, that's it.

                                           Adore this silk shift in frenetic panels. Observe I remark frenzy, frantic, schizophrenic, frenetic, hysterical, madness, et al, to describe my ensembles. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Suede studded wedges, I rarely show my feet anymore because they are so deformed from my years of high heels. Sweet!

Nice left ankle...............

Tuesday, July 8

Oh please..........

General consensus would be," if your don yet another black and white anything, I'm ditching this blog". Fair opinion. However,in my defense, 90% of my vast inventory is black or black and white. What an epiphany! Please divulge me yet another time........... I beg you. It's kind of worth it.

Entirely man made fabric, highly flammable is a given. Do we care? I think not.  This frock would be an otherwise guaranteed narcoleptic shoe-in had it not been for the split in the bodice contributing a modicum of scintillation. End of story. Shoes are a snooze.