Sunday, July 13

Hi there!

  I'm going to try to update this today, I have a sizable amount to ensembles to post. I might slam them all on the same page! Dig it!

Here's the skinny with major markdowns..... Final sale, no returns! I'm on the fence about this dress. It's gauche and flaccid, so it's got that going for it. I smell donation!

                                                               "Agent Orange"
Orange is as orange does in this tunic with floral panel and lace sides. Hence the side view. Dig it!

                      Festive vintage bauble necklace from "Off Broadway". Girth of beads smacks of  Wilma Flintstone. Yeah baby!

Desigual designs are all over the place. Frenzied multi-patterned panels, irregular hems. Well, of course I'm smitten with this line. Very tame skirt for Desigual.

Orange is the new black, after all.

                                                                 "Maximum Thursday"
The marvel of this hippie dress is trying to determine what is the front and what is the back on my Ruben-esque figure. Dig it! I'm not divulging.

"Zigging and Zagging Saturday"

              Brass chain and textured sterling circle necklace by Heather Hanley. Okay, that's it.

                                           Adore this silk shift in frenetic panels. Observe I remark frenzy, frantic, schizophrenic, frenetic, hysterical, madness, et al, to describe my ensembles. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Suede studded wedges, I rarely show my feet anymore because they are so deformed from my years of high heels. Sweet!

Nice left ankle...............