Friday, July 25

Yikes Stripes!

In a lapse of commerce yesterday I decided to go into the bathroom and proceed giving myself a haircut.  A task better suited for home, with wet hair...... I digress, thankfully no one came in or I would have had to come out and attend people with one side of my hair 3" shorter than the other side. Dig it!

I generally crop my overpopulous mop out of the photos anyway. Very disturbing stuff.

Encircling my neck is an ingenious piece by artist Cynthia Cook. Vivid domed tin strung on repurposed hosiery!

Pin striped silk top baring clever bodice treatment. Those are some skinny jeans miss!

These sequined navy flats with white flowers don't get out much. Quite a quandary when you consider I wear about a thousand different patterns on any given day. Curiouser and curiouser........

                                                          Nice bologna feet. Wheeeeeeeeeee!