Sunday, January 31

A Gem Ensemble, Methinks.........

When jaws of life are necessary to part your inventory tis indeed a given things can go M.I.A. Example, this jewel with multi-motif panel;  some mysterious alchemy of fabric. Dig it!

 Pity these age old hose are getting so weary. Should I hand wash them in Geritol? Hmmmmmmmmm.

Happy, happy happy are these ludicrous plastic plats in green and black stripes with said flaccid stockings. I'll never rid my closet of either.  The pistols make it happen. Wheeeeee

Thanks for following Germany and Russia!

Saturday, January 30

Black is Really Damn Dark............

Quite so. Inexhaustible inventory of what's termed "lack of color" seems to suffocate my vast closet. It photographs poorly but no deterrent in adding to cart, cart, cart! Dig it! Grey panel in romantic paisley motif. Enticing double layered  black lace ruffle.

Pewter hued metal buttons and silvery neckline are the only accessories needed. Huh? 

                                        I could kiss my own shoes these are so dearly lauded.
                                      Pearlescent ruby patent pumps with turned up toes and curious heel.
                                         Snappy socks. Girly patterned tights. Yeah baby.

One can never have enough ensembles that look identical. Wheeeeeee!

Thursday, January 28

The Jacket, The Sweater...........

Ensemble dates back to December 18th! Wheeeeeee! Remiss is as remiss does. Must reign in my vast passion for this jacket and sweater. Uncommon hues in this jacket, soft brown and orange, make this ever the more tempting. Both jacket and monolithic pin are from a vintage store in Santa Fe. Name escapes me. Term this my suffragette pin.

More clever than I by miles is this beautifully constructed cotton sweater. Hue duo of salmon and sage. 

                 Look who snuck into the pic? Crispin! Not the wooden pig. Inerts-ville.


Shoes and boots from "Plastic Are Us."  I'm opening a franchise! Dig it!

Sunday, January 24

HE'S THE MAN................

Will forever revere this handsome iconic rapper that met an untimely death. Perhaps we're not on the same page regarding rap, iconic station or even physiognomy. Vexed as to how this bluestocking could be smitten with a gentleman branded with THUG LIFE on his six pack? To each her incongruous own.....

My tee shirt of veneration.

Nifty baby blue hued cardigan with yellow polka dots from Anthropologie, circa online.

Indiscernable trousers. Wheeeee!

Brandished a jean jacket with this trio of vastly divergent esthetics. 
Retablo saint pin by Kevin Burgess. Hand painted illustration, copper accents. Intricate tin work.

Becky Dickens wee truck pin. Susan Skinner did the other charming piece..

You either embrace Tupac or no. Digith it yo.

Saturday, January 23

Is That a Grin I See?



DRIVING STICK................

THIS PLETHORA OF PIECES..................

Doubled wrapped Karan Sipe.

Astute asymmetrical long sleeve. Ribbon belt.

Tired hose but clever leather and lace boots.

This clever trompe l'oeil sweater and vintage raincoat.

 Decadent vintage pin on blue grey houndstooth waistcoat.

Seurat pin on glamourous jacket.

All for now. Just attempting to catch up. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!
Dig it!

Tuesday, January 19

Out of Albuquerque. Not Africa.....

Frantic fervor for this ensemble. Resonates my slant on Karen Blixen. Anathema to smartly garb oneself and frolic about slaughtering wildlife. Shame on her!

Who isn't smitten about swinging simians? Divine antique gem. My glut of animal print inventory serves worth an indigenous esthetic, with a jot of snap. How close do I mimic the safari jacket? Replete with knotted belt. Dig it!

Maxi is as maxi does in this wool, knife pleat, micro houndstooth skirt from vintage clothing store in Santa Fe.

Jungle fever for these cheesy boots from such an embarrassing venue you'll have to water board me to
divulge. Thrift Town would be an upgrade! Rock on!

  Untame your inner tamesness. I made this up. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Saturday, January 16

Same But Different......

De-ja vu? Always one to exact a modicum of reform, I'm wearing thin this Norma Kamali,  mermaid skirt and footwear. Snore.......... However, I elected a different Kristin Diener for the occasion. This one is entitled "Roadside Beach Dreams". Wearable divinity.

Does this remind you of anything? Gee....

All I can conjure to assuage your boredom is this uber plastic, kick ass jacket sporting brass accents.

Tune in tomorrow, when I'm brandishing the same ensemble! Wheeeeeee!

Friday, January 15

Intellectually Impoverished Purchase.....

Stymied by my moronic selection of this article? We're collectively terrified. Hi Goodwill! Time pressed to concoct an ensemble I stumbled into this thing. Is this mimicking a Marvel comic? This isn't funny...........

Do however cherish these tights. Mocha and black are an infrequent duo.

Cleanse your palette with cherished suede lace up pumps. Devilish heel. My socks look weary.

Better documentation of yore. Rock on!

As Punxsutawney Phil would say referencing this sweater "Stupid is as stupid does."