Monday, January 11

Final Sale, No Return..........

Though this company doesn't make you swim to China to get your money back (can always use the exercise), it's does have it's comical pit falls. Have elaborated on the no return policy and the endless duration of merchandise delivery. Received email on item's sorely delinquent delay (already forgotten what it looked like), giving me the option to cancel . I promptly replied yes. They promptly replied it was on it's way. I love it!  In actuality I do love it. Forest green leather (really) mini with transposed hem and belted waist. Houndstooth tights. Dig it!

Much adored "feels like cashmere, but no chance in hell" dolman grey and black 3/4 sleeve.

Eek, what a ribald little skirt. Do I care? I think not. And remember, I couldn't return it if my life depended on it. Wheeeee!