Sunday, January 3

O Holey Night...........

December 13th! Dig it! Now, whom, in their right mind, would purchase a sweater intensionally ripped to smithereens? Indubitably me! Wheeeeeee! Grape cotton. Rolled collar. Abundant holes.

Mustard cami beneath. Forewarned is forearmed. I'm nauseatingly matchy today. ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Covet this pin by Kristin Diener. Weiner dog encompassed by imperial vintage buttons and delicate metal work.

Mustard tie shoes from Anthropologie when it was just available online. Thousand years old and remain much adored. I found these socks in a cabinet of curiosities. Hadn't seen them in 5 years! I really need to venture forth in my house. Who know's what's afoot. I didn't do this dreadful afoot thing to be cute.
Plum skinnys (like the fruit descriptions?) and mustard leather jacket. Can you believe my wardrobe? Daunting. Seriously.........

Dillards? One tenth of my stock. Rock on!